The State is filing a complaint against the group of private nursing homes Orpea and will request the reimbursement of public grants allegedly diverted from their purposes, the government announced on Saturday, on the basis of a report from administrative inspections which it will not, however, return. not public. “In view of serious dysfunctions, we are able to tell you that the State is filing a complaint and seizing the public prosecutor” and “we are asking for the restitution” of public grants allegedly diverted from their purposes, said on France Inter the Minister delegate in charge of the autonomy of the elderly, Brigitte Bourguignon.

The investigation report, drawn up by the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) and that of Social Affairs (IGAS) seized by the government on February 1, reports “significant dysfunctions in the organization of the group, to the detriment of the care of residents,” the ministry said in a statement.

Non-public report

Long awaited for weeks, this report will however not be made public, because it is covered by “business secrecy”, Brigitte Bourguignon’s cabinet told AFP. On March 11, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran had however affirmed that he intended to publish part of this document, more exactly “all of it, with the exception of what is covered by business secrecy”.

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