There is a lot of pressure on Anna Netrebko (50). The opera singer has lost a few engagements in the past few weeks , and the media coverage of her does not stop. The reason is the criticism of her supposed proximity to Russia’s President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (69). In a new statement, the opera diva has now clearly distanced herself from it.

“I strongly condemn the war against Ukraine and my thoughts are with the victims of this war and their families.” You can arrange this through your lawyer. Her position is “clear”: “I am not a member of any political party, nor am I associated with any leader in Russia .” Netrebko “recognize and regret that some of my actions or statements in the past could be misinterpreted”.

The singer emphasizes that she has “only met Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin a handful of times” in her life. “Especially in the context of awards for my art or at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games”. The 50-year-old had “otherwise never received financial support from the Russian government “. She also lives in Austria, “where I am also resident for tax purposes”.

She goes on to say that she “loves” her home country, Russia. Through her art , she strives “exclusively for peace and unity”. After she had declared at the beginning of March that she wanted to withdraw from concert life for the time being, she is now announcing new concerts: “After the announced break in performances, I will resume my opera and concert performances at the end of May, initially in Europe.”

The Bavarian State Opera, among other things, had previously canceled the artist’s engagements in their houses. The reason given by the Bavarian State Opera was “a lack of adequate distancing” from Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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