Official Roberto Consenza said that although it has not been officially detected, many people have symptoms.

The omicron variant is probably already circulating in Honduras, a country that has registered 10,429 deaths from COVID-19 since March 2020, the Vice Minister of Health, Roberto Cosenza, reported this Tuesday (12/21/2021).

The senior official told reporters that “it is evident that the omicron variant is already in the country and not since now, it has been around for several days,” and that “many people are presenting these symptoms.”

He added that although Honduras does not have a laboratory to confirm the presence of the omicron variant, it is confirmed “by clinical diagnosis.”

Other medical sources from public hospitals coincide with the Vice Minister of Health in the sense that the new variant is already in the country, so they continue to call on the population that has not yet been vaccinated, to do so as soon as possible.

Nine million vaccinated

According to the Sinager, the Central American country also registers 378,963 infections in almost two years of the pandemic.

Since February, nine million people have been vaccinated, of which 4.8 million have received one dose, while 3.8 million have already received two, and 278,006 add up to a third inoculation.

In its daily report, the Sinager registered today only one death from COVID-19 and 120 new cases of infections.

In addition, 98 Hondurans are hospitalized due to COVID-19, of which 53 have a stable condition, 32 are serious and 13 are in intensive care units, the health agency said.

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