By a statement issued by the Attorney General of the Nation we knew that the process of imputing charges to former civil servants of the National Infrastructure Agency – ANI who would have processed, signed, projected and endorsed four other documents, documents attached to the initial contracts modifying the registered conditions.

In this sense, the said documents would have been prepared in relation to the granting of the Route of the Sun II where the defendants are accused of having committed offenses without respecting the legal requirements, of illicit enrichment of persons for the benefit of third parties and of misappropriation by appropriation for the benefit of third parties.

The fact was revealed by the Special working group for him Odebrecht case where investigations are underway to which officials could have an important part in several irregularities identified in the supplements granted to the project.

In its press release, the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated that requests for a hearing will be filed for the formulation of the charges against 16 former civil servants who were part of the Contractual Affairs Advisory Committee of the National Infrastructure Agency during the years 2012 and 2015.

The former officials, who will be charged, are:

Andrés Figueredo Serpa, former vice president of contract management

Francisco Javier Forero, former financial adviser

Emerson Durán Varas, former CFO of VGC

Cesar Augusto Peñaloza Pabón, former project manager

Edgar Chacón Hartman, former VPR real estate director

Miguel Ángel Bettin Jaraba, former contract controller

Camilo Mendoza Rozo, former vice president of contract management and former vice president of risk and environmental planning

María Clara Garrido, former administrative and financial vice-president

Daniel Francisco Tenjo Suárez, former director of Highway Projects

David Leonardo Montaño García, GGC2 expert

Alexandra Lozano Vergara, former head of contract management

Harbey Joseph Carrascal, exassessor

Beatriz Eugenia Morales Vélez, former Vice President of Structuring

Héctor Jaime Pinilla Ortiz, former Vice President Legal

Yasmina del Carmen Corrales, former concession contract supervisor

José Andrés Torres Rodríguez, engineer in the field of road projects

As the facts would compromise the members of the Contractual Affairs Advisory Committee of the ANI, these will not be charged Luis Fernando Andrade, which is currently on trial. Furthermore, the imputation to the former president of the ANI will be carried out exclusively for the crime of “illicit enrichment of individuals for the benefit of third parties by the 7 and 9 others”.

According to the document: “These individuals participated in the screening, processing, review, approval and celebration of four additions to Contract No. 001 dated January 14, 2010, through which they enabled the contractor Ruta del Sol to assume the designs and works of a new road section between Ocaña (Norte de Santander) and Gamarra (Cesar); and the methods of payment have been modified”.

Indeed, the document also indicates that by using the functions they would have designated, the former civil servants also broke the rules and the contracting points, in addition to having “ignored the requirements defined in the public call for tenders and what was indicated by the structuring company of the project, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank”.

The prosecution concluded that, in this way: “amid possible anomalies, more than 7,804 million pesos were recognized to the concessionaire, which were added to the value of the main contract”.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office took the opportunity to inform public opinion that due to the network of corruption linked to the Brazilian multinational Odebrecht, 57 people have already been charged. Among them, there would be 19 officials and 38 businessmen, in addition to the fact that 18 convictions have been registered and 52 indictments filed.

He also indicated that since the creation of the ad hoc working group, which was set up to deal with this issue international business As of March 2020, 15 charges have been laid, 13 indictments filed, 17 requests to issue indictments pending and 10 convictions.

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