The controversial video of Noelia Marzol’s children (Instagram @noeliamarzolok)

“Nothing better to ride. I leave you the best reel you are going to see today. All right? Happy Brothers and Sisters Day,” he wrote. Noelia Marzol on his Instagram account with a video of his Donatello – who will be two years old in May – giving kisses to his little sister alphonsine, two months. There, the boy looks at her smiling, kisses her on the arm, on the head, hugs her, and also kisses her on the mouth.

The dancer posted the video with the intention of expressing her emotion at seeing the affection between her children. For example, he accompanied the post with the song “Eso que tú me das”, by Jarabe de Palo, whose lyrics complete the phrase “… is much more than I ask”, expressing his immense joy for the family he formed with her husband, the footballer Ramiro Arias.

However, despite the video surpassing 100,000 likes and being filled with tender comments about the brothers’ reaction, Marzol focused on the criticism he received from those who disagreed with ” the kisses on the mouth in the family”, according to what could be read on the social network. And she decided to take a few minutes to record a disclaimer and post it to her stories. “My face is awful, but they will understand my drowning,” he wrote of the video and did his nearly two and a half million followers a favor: “Listen to everything.”

Immediately, he saves the favorable messages he receives from those who “understand the innocent love of two children, a one-year-old and a two-month-old baby, who are little brothers”. “But I’ve received comments, very few but I do, of ‘how awful’ or ‘how disgusting’,” he continued, only to share his feelings about this. subject. “I can interpret that they are disgusted because the baby is transmitting bacteria to the sister who, the truth as a mother, I tell them that I prefer that they love each other and show love to each other and not s don’t ignore or be deprived of showing affection because they can infect each other, when in reality they go to the garden and later they get infected by anything. So I prefer that they continue to kiss and love each other”, considered Noelia.

Noelia Marzol’s discharge for the criticism she received from the video of her children kissing (Instagram @noeliamarzolok)

“And on the other hand, I can interpret that it disgusts them, that it seems horrible to them, I don’t know, that I kiss the sister from where one is an adult and that they sexualize an act of a one-year-old boy when in reality the one-year-old does not sexualize the kiss, in other words, he has not awakened his sexuality, so it is a bit perverse to think that, to see as an adult,” added the actress.

And he gave an example: “So, as an adult, you don’t understand why a child cries if you take a candy, because as an adult, you wouldn’t, and in the same way, l child does not. sexualize the acts we do there as adults. So, given that my son is one year old, it seems horrifying to me that anyone would think that this kiss, which my son made out of the purest and most innocent love, is fake.

“Because other than that, I’m the mother,” Noelia clarified and underlined her opinion. “So you, as a mother, don’t choose it, you choose to teach your son from an early age not to kiss his sister on the mouth, and that sounds perfect to me. But mother is me,” he remarked.

Neoelia Marzol and Ramiro Arias with their two children: Donatello and Alfonsina

“It would have been different if an adult came over and kissed my son on the mouth, or if my son kissed another adult on the mouth, but the sister, who is one year old (Donatello) and two months old (Alfonsina) , would it have been different? oh really? The truth is I saw the video and melted and I want them to continue kissing like this and loving each other until the end of time.” she added, visibly angry at the criticism she received when her sole intention was to capture the love of her babies.

For his part, he found it necessary to clarify that his family is not “perverse” or “perverted”. “I know the values ​​we have with my husband. I find it unthinkable that they interpret this act as causing them trauma or that they learn things that are not. That sounds like a lot and I wanted to share it. That’s where I’m wrong, but I don’t know, I didn’t like them seeing it from the adult’s perspective,” he continued.

“What were you thinking when you saw the video? It seems to me that these people have rotten heads. Is that understood?” Considers Noelia Marzol before saying goodbye and leaving the possibility to its subscribers to write their comments on this subject.

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