Nirmal Purja’s latest milestone: climbed K2 without artificial oxygen

Nirmal Purja’s Latest Milestone: Climbed K2 without Artificial Oxygen

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The mountaineering world achieved a historic milestone this Saturday when 10 Nepalese mountaineers made it to the top of K2 for the first time in winter in a news item where it was necessary to mourn the death of the Spanish Sergi Mingote while returning to base camp.

Among those 10 Nepalese mountaineers was Nirmal Purja, who managed to ascend 14 ‘eight thousand’ in six months and six days. Purja further enlarged his legend with this milestone and the credit is even greater after the mountaineer himself gave more details about the expedition.

One of the doubts about the ascent of Purja was whether the Nepalese had made the ascent with artificial oxygen or not. “This time it was a difficult decision to climb with or without O2. Due to the weather conditions I had not adapted correctly and I was only able to sleep at the height of the camp, when you need to sleep or reach camp 4 before going to the top. The safety of my team is and has always been my top priority. I have successfully led 20 expeditions and all my team members returned as they came, without losing the fingers and toes, “argued Purja.

It was then that the mountaineer confessed that he had made the ascent to K2 without artificial oxygen. “This time I calculated the risk and went ahead without supplemental oxygen. The confidence in myself, the knowledge of the strength of my body and the experience of having climbed the 14 ‘eight-thousand’ allowed me to keep up with the rest of the team members and lead the expedition. JOB DONE, K2 IN WINTER WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN! ” reported Purja, who continues to make history in the world of mountaineering while waiting for new challenges.

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