This black cat has become a social media phenomenon in recent weeks, after sharing his walks in a police vest (@cat_police_amsterdam)

Tooa black cat He became a celebrity on social networks.after being recognized as the feline that roams the streets of amsterdam in an adorable police costume.

In recent weeks, the pet who goes on police patrol has gained a large number of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Lydia Faber, its 45-year-old owner, commented for the Dutch portal RTL NewsWhat it all started as a hobby to keep her 8- and 10-year-old nieces “in the know” about everything their pet was up to, but from one moment to the next “everything got completely out of control”.

From January 15 to date, Too “the police cat” managed to gather more than 61,000 followers on the Chinese platform with only 27 videos published. In these clips you can see the feline checking that everything is in order in the capital of the Netherlands.

During its “police” rounds, the feline walks among the bicycles, cars, games with dogs and even checks whether the food sold in pet stores is of the highest quality.

Nimis has this life jacket because she lives on a houseboat (Instagram cat_police_amasterdam)

The police uniform is the most characteristic of Toothough far from having a heroic motive or being part of the police department of amsterdamthe real reason he uses this garment is to save his life.

Lydia commented in the interview that she puts this life jacket on him to prevent him from drowning, since he lives on a houseboat. “When I had Nimis for the first time, I was terrified Let him out here, but I didn’t want to limit his freedom either,” he explained of why he wore the suit.

When the cat started to go out on the streets of the city, the first life jacket only had the colors navy blue and yellowwithout the police logo, but people passing through these places began to identify him as a member of the security forces.

Lydia found a police badge at some point in a toy store.bought it and knitted it into the vest for Nimis to become his town’s official police.

The feline has taken on great importance in their city, even some police officers in Amsterdam have become fond of it and have taken pictures with the feline.

People on the street have already managed to identify him as a celebrity, even the police want to take pictures with him (Instagram cat_police_amasterdam)
People on the street have already managed to identify him as a celebrity, even the police want to take pictures with him (Instagram cat_police_amasterdam)

users of TikTok and Instagram were fascinated by the attitude of Toowho sometimes takes his job of “prosecuting” criminals very seriously and has been caught fighting to keep the citizens of the Dutch capital quiet and safe.

“It’s the best police chase I’ve ever seen”, “it’s just awesome, I love it”, “he needs little handcuffs to make the arrests”, are some of the comments that have been made on his social media accounts.

Lydia explained that on more than one occasion you have been told that dressing your cat could be considered animal abusehowever, he commented in the same interview to RTL Newsthat this police dress is the opposite since he has already saved his life at least five times.

Her owner explained that recently a child asked her if she was the guardian of the police cat and told her that he was floating in the water and unable to get out, so she immediately came out to help him. Lydia said Nimis is so used to wearing the vest that she doesn’t leave her house with it, “in the morning she runs to the door and waits until she puts it on,” she concluded. .


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