The NHS has spent £1m on ‘rainbow cake and tea’ picnics, as well as other ‘wake up’ network activities, such as a special session on pronouns and a Filipino martial arts performance.

The NHS has long been underfunded and understaffed and has been in its most serious financial crisis since 2010, when the talks came to power after 13 years of a Labor government.

Although during 2018 and 2019 the NHS received cash increases, budgets for this vital health care service increased by just 1.4% on average between 2009 and 2019. NHS funding is expected to rise by just 3, 8% to £162.6 billion over the next three years.

In a bid to ensure inclusion of the UK’s free healthcare service, current funds have been spent on organizing events on transgender issues, sexuality and racism, and cultural performances. The use of taxpayer money for these “awake” activities has been criticized when there is a desperate need for patient care, with some patients currently spending more than 12 hours in the ER.

TaxPayer Alliance Research Campaign Manager Elliot Keck urged health chiefs to “reduce some of these unnecessary ‘wake-up’ networks, as reported by

Similarly, Tory MP David Jones has commented that “when patients are denied surgery and wait too long for care, spending taxpayer money on networks like this seems wasteful at best and sinful at best.” the worst”.

Neither Jones nor Keck have commented on the importance of LGBT issues, the main focus of most of these “awakening” networks of NHS staff.

user of Twitter @_NatashaDevon he has mocked news sources claiming that the NHS has wasted taxpayers’ money on these activities and staff groups, as he wrote: “It’s not 12 years of funding cuts. It’s not the unrealistic hours staff are expected to work that create retention issues. It is not that Brexit led to a climate of xenophobia that caused many European workers to leave. It is not a lack of resources. It is •check notes•…’woke up’. #NHS”

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