Nati Jota spoke about his relationship with Nico Ochiatto after his controversial departure from Luzu TV

Nati Jota resignation to nobody says anything, the program broadcast by luzu tv, ordered by Nico with eyes. Thus, the influencer left behind more than two years of broadcasting in what even became a nomination and a subsequent award as best female radio host at the Martín Fierro Digital Nativo Awards.

In mid-February, the influencer announced her separation: “This Wednesday will be my last show here at nobody says anything, by Luzu. Everyone here knows that.” Then she added, “When I won the Martín Fierro, I couldn’t explain well what I wanted to say because I was nervous, but when I wanted to say I felt that I had achieved my place and had this award because I could show On the other hand, I wanted to say that I would not have been able to show what I am or what I wanted to say if I had not done tell my companions what they had to say. I found myself getting to know myself and being able to show what I think and what I think thanks to the fact that each of you said what you thought and that enriched me a lot”.

However, after these statements, the one who brought up the exit again was Occhiato himself, who was consulted by a follower of the show who claimed to miss Nati, the driver clarified: “We send a kiss to Nati who is no longer with us. .” . Quickly, Pena Jasmine flower He asked if he was dead and received a conclusive answer: “Yes, for us yes.”

Peña tried to dig deeper and asked how the connection between the two happened, to which Occhiato assured: “I haven’t spoken to Nati anymore, I haven’t crossed any more words.” After that, the young woman speculated that since Nati was going to meet at a party, the driver preferred not to attend the same event, to which he, without flinching, clarified: “I no longer want meet her.”

Nico Occhiato vs Nati Jota

The statements of the old Flori Vigna had a huge impact and in the cycle Show partners (The Thirteen) went to seek the word of the media. “Obviously I took it as a joke, how we behaved. It may seem strange not to be there, but the same thing could happen if I was there,” said the young woman, minimizing the strong statements from his colleague.

“When the notes came out on the portals, Nico wrote to me and said, ‘Don’t go showing it’s true, it was a joke.’ That’s the tone we talk about, I didn’t take it badly at all,” Jota said when asked what she thought of the round trip the driver had with Flor Jazmín, the influencer replied, “She jokes that there was a wave between us and Nico says that I died and that, but there is no wave.”

He also mentioned his participation in the cycle afternoon dogswhich is broadcast on Urban Radio and compete with nobody says anything of Light TV: “It’s another medium, these are things that happen. I didn’t take it like a wet ear, it’s like that: they invited me to a show which is great and I don’t I didn’t think that way. YouTube channels today are few, you stop working on one and they invite you to another. I didn’t even tell Nico I was going, I didn’t feel like my ears were wet.

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