Multiple explosions Kiev as Russian forces try to take the city

Multiple explosions Kiev as Russian forces try to take the city

Dozens of explosions have been heard in Kiev early Saturday morning, as Russian forces appeared to intensify their push to take the Ukrainian capital.

Continuous shelling was heard for about 30 minutes, around the same time the Ukrainian military was repelling Russian attacks near a thermal plant north of Kiev, according to The Washington Post .

A reporter for the Kyiv Independent reported “extremely heavy fighting” near the Kiev Zoo .

According to CNN, eyewitness videos show explosions in an area northwest of Kiev. There is a military base in the area.

The country’s intelligence service alerted people to seek safety after more than 50 shots were fired in Shulyavka, a suburb near the city center.

“Urgently go to the shelter, this is no joke, save your life and that of your loved ones,” wrote the Special State Communications Service.

The clashes, around 3 am in Kiev, came hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky warned city residents of an unprecedented battle for the capital. Air raid sirens sounded across the city earlier in the evening.

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