The deputies asked that the informal preventive detention be pronounced (Twitter/@azucenau)

Three members of the National Regeneration Movement parliamentary group (Morena) in the Congress of Mexico filed a complaint against the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas snow for alleged use of social programs for electoral purposesfor which they requested informal preventive detention.

The procedure was presented by the legislator Octavio Rivero, Lourdes Paz and Nancy Núñez before the Office of the Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes in the capital of the country. On leaving to file the complaint, Deputy Paz explained that the offense should be punished with a fine of 200 to 400 day-fines and two to nine years in prisonunder the General Electoral Offenses Act.

According to what they explained, the event happened on January 10 when the administration of the city center went to the housing unit Strengthin Tepito, to deliver toys for the Feast of the Three Kings, at the end of said activity, Cuevas Nieves would have spoken with the inhabitants with whom promised to redevelop the neighborhoodbut threatened to withdraw their support if they allowed another politician or party to approach.

“I’ll make sure your accommodation is fine, but if I know another politician comes in, another party comes in and starts shouting, I’m stepping down with my team”

Sandra Cuevas, mayor of Cuauhtémoc, has been accused of allegedly conditioning social programs (Twitter/@SandraCuevas_)
Sandra Cuevas, mayor of Cuauhtémoc, has been accused of allegedly conditioning social programs (Twitter/@SandraCuevas_)

They also indicated that they had presented the video of the statement as evidence, which was allegedly made by a neighbor unhappy with the mayor’s attitude and that he sent, in the first place, to a media of national diffusion, with which he made himself known to the public.

After announcing their motives and the reason for the complaint, the morenistas urged the prosecutor’s office in electoral matters to carry out the corresponding investigations so that the case is placed at the disposal of a reviewing judge, as well as the create search folder.

They pointed out that the guinda party will continue to denounce this type of act, reiterating that in article 19 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States (CPEUM) said illegal act is considered serious, which is why the sentence justifies preventive detentiona, for which they invited access to justice so that the actions do not happen again.

“This mayor must continue his trial in prison”

This is the second action on the subject carried out by the guinda party, the first was a complaint to the Electoral Institute of Mexico (IECM) presented by the morenista representative, Eduardo Santillán, considering that the mayor would have incurred various politico-electoral offenses.

“In the presentation of a care program for the housing units, (Sandra Cuevas) established that the condition for the mayor’s office to start working in this unit was that No other politicians and no other parties will enter“, expressed the also local deputy through a recording on social networks on February 1.

These actions, based on what was expressed in the document, could be the probable commission of certain electoral, administrative and criminal crimes, as this would apply “political conditioning for the granting of public servicesbecause it engages in a political use of programs of a social nature and, therefore, the misuse of public exercise.

“We will be very careful that the law is applied and that justice is done in this case and in all cases, because it is not possible for a customer use of policies and the social programs of the town hall of Cuauhtémoc”, he concluded.

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