Claudia Gabriela Gonzaleza 54-year-old woman from the city of La Plata, was arrested in recent hours after a security camera captured her performing an outrageous act: He stole two rings from an 89-year-old woman.he had to take care of, while she was sedated and bedridden.

As confirmed by police sources GlobeLiveMedia, the event occurred last Tuesday in a house located on 121st Street in the El Mondongo neighborhood of the capital Buenos Aires. There, the thief took advantage of her status as a caretaker and took retired Elsa Russo, a gold wedding band and a white gold headband with pearls.

Suspecting that González was responsible for the loss of the jewels, the old woman’s son -a 62-year-old man- he reviewed footage from the security camera he had set up in his mother’s bedroom and discovered the truth.

It was almost 3:20 a.m. when the guard, discreetly and patiently, approached the victim and took the two rings from him. A few seconds later, he put them in his pocket and left.

With the shooting, the son filed a complaint with the Police station Nº9 of the city of La Plata. It was then that the troops took over the cameras and carried out field missions to identify the suspect and her address.

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The woman arrested for the theft of jewelry from the old woman in La Plata

Once they got his address, Buenos Aires police personnel they conducted a raid that produced an outcome that was not entirely positive. Although they were able to apprehend the suspect, they were unable to recover the rings. According to the sources consulted by this media, after carrying out the robbery, the thief wasted no time and sold the wedding ring and the pearl headband in a jewelry store. In the end, they gave him just over 40,000 pesos for the loot..

Armed with the information, the troops went to the scene in the hope of finding the jewelry, but all was in vain: the rings were melted down by the owner of the place. The detainee was placed at the disposal of justice and was charged in a file for theft.

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