So far, it has not been confirmed if any official media will be able to broadcast the game between Universitario and Alianza Lima.

sports university there Lima Covenant will measure the forces in a new edition of the Peruvian football classic, valid for the 5th day of the opening tournament of La Liga 1. However, it is not yet known whether the match will be able to be broadcast by the Peru Football Consortiumbetter known as GOLPERU.

On several occasions, the said channel indicated that it could not broadcast the matches of University because the precautionary measure filed by the Peruvian Football Federation prevents it. For its part, the highest entity of Peruvian football is responsible for contradicting this explanation.

In this way, the only way the Peruvian superclassic should be transmitted by official media would be for the FPF lift the precautionary measure issued in the Judicial authority. It should be noted that if the Consortium were to transmit the undertaking to the still existing measure, it would be contrary to the judicial warrant.

In this direction, Michael Succar raised the possibility that the correspondence between ‘creams’ e ‘narrow’ not be televised. “I believe this issue will have to be resolved one way or another or they will come to an agreement, at least they will be forced to take a break.”

Likewise, he did not hesitate to point directly against Augustin Lozano and even pointed out that if the two parties did not reach an agreement, it would all be the fault of the mismanagement of the FPF. “It would be madness if the classic didn’t air and good, It would be one more line to this unforgettable managementbecause it is and I am sure that Agustín Lozano is aware of it”.

Diego Rebagliati He joined the conversation and assured that the situation is quite complicated, so it is likely that no media will broadcast the meeting. “Honestly, I can’t imagine the game won’t pass, but I know we’re very close to something like this eventually happening”.

However, Pedro Garcia He made his position known and said that if it is not aired, it could mark an unprecedented milestone in the history of Peruvian football. “It would be very serious if the classic was not broadcast, because it would become a very relevant event given that we are talking about the most important match of the date. If this happened, this news would make the headlines of all the media.”.

Finally, he added that “with a classic, the country is completely paralyzed. So if you can’t watch the game, I don’t know what reaction people will have and I wouldn’t know how to please them after that either.. It’s very different to lose a game between the ‘U’ there union”.

The duel between ‘You meringue’ there ‘Blue and white’ It was scheduled for next Sunday, February 19, from 3:30 p.m. (Peru) in the stadium facilities Monumental date. It should be noted that only local fans may be present on the site in order to avoid any type of inconvenience.

So far, it has not been confirmed whether the meeting will be broadcast on television, radio or social media, due to the dispute over television rights the company has. FPF with the six opposing clubs.

No doubt everyone is waiting for what could happen in this regard, which is why the two clubs are expected to decide in the coming hours.

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