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Metrica Sports puts its analytics technology within the reach of modest football

In 2014 Ruben Saavedra, Bruno dagnino and Enzo Angiletta they gave final shape to so much soccer conversation in the bars of Amsterdam to give birth to Metrica Sports. At that time they were working in a neuroscience institute identifying movement patterns in animals and humans. Two neuroscientists and a multimedia designer had implemented their own football tracking tool at a time when, oddly enough, the analysis of the beautiful game data at the highest level was yet to be explored. Your software allows trackear any video, whether recorded with a mobile phone, with a state-of-the-art camera or a television game so that the most detailed soccer analyst can dissect his own game or that of the rival down to the last detail. In 2013, when these three friends considered empowering their discussions about what they observed in games with data, the highest-level clubs began to set up their departments of data analysts, but there was still a gap that Metrica Sports came to fill. The Villarreal of the Marcelino era was the baptism of fire for a product that excited the yellow sports management and that gave rise to the company that was born in 2014. Now it has dozens of clients all over the world, including La Liga Santander.

But they have considered a next step. “We want to democratize football,” explains As Rubén Saavedra, its CEO. “I would go to my town and see that children’s or amateur matches were recorded and if they did that it is because they later analyzed it; So we thought about making our tool accessible also for the most modest, there is a neglected market for non-professional football ”, he explains. And it is that even the neighborhood team bases its idea of ​​the game on some principles and wants to install a culture of analysis from the first to the last player and from the youngest to the oldest. As far as analysis is concerned, nothing is left in the superficial layer, not even at the amateur level. “The most modest analyst wants to be able to draw his model, trackear his match, create playlists and clips and draw on them so that the player on duty receives information about what he is doing on the field and what he should do ”, explains Rubén Saavedra.

For an avant-garde tool for the elite to be accessible at zero cost for the most modest, costs must be reduced. Metrica Sport has done it and a little over two months ago they released a free tool that has become a sensation of modest football and that has already had more than 7,000 downloads all over the planet. Now any analyst has access to the technology that elite professional analysts wield. The acceptance has been incredible and he aims to take amateur football to the next level. Before, analysts without means had to manage to manufacture their presentations outside the tools that the big clubs can afford. Now they have a first step. Any interested team or analyst just has to go to metrica-sports.com, register and download the ‘basic for free’ software. From there you just have to upload the video of the match to the platform and you can work on it, make clips, prepare presentations and export them to any video player. The only limitation with respect to the elite versions is that you can only have 30 active drawings at a time, 30 resources on the clips that you have active. But the software is the same one used by the most demanding teams in European football.

A screenshot of a game analysis clip.

The possibility brings added value. If the player pool is already fertile, the analyst pool will find the perfect help with the tool that Metrica Sports puts at their disposal. The writer has tried it, so it couldn’t be easier and more intuitive to dissect any match into clips and add the necessary resources to them: spotlights, magnifying glasses, arrows, player identity, chains, drawing movements or lines that move dynamically with the football players… But the plan continues to evolve and the idea is that there is always a solution for every need and for every budget. The next step is to get expansion packages from five euros for those who want more.

While the dream of three friends still does not see its limit since that Vitesse-Heerenveen. For the summer they are preparing the launch of a tool that allows automating the eventing of a match. In such a way that each action of a game by any player is automatically recorded in order to later compile the statistics. This will open the possibility of uploading a video, the tool will trackeará and the analyst will be able to go and view it from the events that interest him by selecting directly, for example, all set pieces, all shots…, with the time savings that this will entail. It will not even be necessary for anyone to see the entire game and chop it up, the tool will do it for him. And that goes from the most prestigious club to the most modest.

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