Mauricio Macri, in the lecture he gave at the University of Bologna

Mauricio Macri will return from Europe in the next few hours, but will not land in Buenos Aires but in Santiago de Chile: there, this Friday he will participate with other former presidents of Iberoamerica of the first meeting of the so-called Liberty and Democracy Group, which is defined as “a space for reflection, coordination, dialogue and action for strengthening freedom and democracy” In the region.

Thus, the founder of PRO will once again raise his international profile in the midst of the expectation aroused by his return to Argentina so that the internship of Together for change.

The founding meeting of the Freedom and Democracy Group is organized by Sebastien Pinera, the former president of Chile, after various contacts that the former center-right presidents of Latin America and Spain have had since last year: among the original members are Macri, Mario Abdo (Paraguayan), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador), Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon (Mexico), Ivan Duque and Andres Pastrana (Colombia), Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia) and Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar (Spain).

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Mauricio Macri gave a conference for
Mauricio Macri gave a lecture for “top managers” at the Ferrari Museum, in Maranello

The promoters of this initiative anticipated that only Macri, Pinera, Duque, Pastrana and Quiroga, while the rest of the ex-presidents will participate virtual.

The former heads of state are expected to deliberate at the Las Condes mansion of Andrés Bello University and launch the joint activity, which will include a statement to ground their goals as they move forward with a program that envisions the creation of a website and later the the integration other politicians, representatives of civil society and intellectuals.

Beyond the debate of the Libertad y Democracia group, the expectation is placed on the participation in the meeting of the Ecuadorian President, in full diplomatic conflict with the government of Alberto Fernández for the flee from the Argentine Embassy in Quito by María de los Ángeles Duarte, Minister of Administration Rafael Correa and sentenced to 8 years in prison for corruption.

Mauricio Macri with Lionel Messi and "Back" Martínez, accompanied by their wives, at The Best Awards Gala
Mauricio Macri with Lionel Messi and “Dibu” Martínez, accompanied by their wives, at The Best awards gala

From Santiago in Chile, Macri will take off on Monday for Rosario, where he will seek to internalize the serious situation of insecurity due to the advance of the narcos, He will establish a firm position towards those responsible for the wave of violence in this city of Santa Fe, meet with the local leaders of Together for Change and present his latest book, “For what”, at the Fundación Libertad.

Relatives of the former president assured that finally will not travel to Córdoba next Thursday to present his book and speak with provincial representatives of Ensemble pour lechange, who have reached an electoral agreement which they lead Louis Judge, of the Civic Front, and Rodrigue de Loredoof the UCR.

Macri had suspended his visit to Rosario on February 27 to present his book because he had decided to anticipate his trip to Europe: he was in Paris attend the presentation of the best to the best footballers of the year. In the French capital, Macri took the photo that no representative of the ruling party could have had after our country’s triumph at the World Cup in Qatar: he posed with the captain of the Argentine national team, Lionel Messiand the guardian Emiliano “Draw” Martinez.

Mauricio Macri and Romano Prodi, together in Bologna
Mauricio Macri and Romano Prodi, together in Bologna

The former president also traveled to Italy, where he gave a conference for “top managers” at the Ferrari Museum, in Maranello, and gave a lecture entitled “Leading and learning leadership” at the University of Bologna. There he also had a meeting with the former Prime Minister Roman Prodi, whom Macri described on Instagram as “one of the builders of modern Europe and someone I greatly admire; a true statesman, democrat and innovator, as well as a charming man.

Additionally, Macri went to Zürich, Switzerland, to fulfill the tasks related to his status as Executive President of the FIFA Foundation. Once his European agenda is finalised, he will have a climb in Chile to surround himself with other former presidents of Latin America and from Monday he will resume the activity in the tone of the countryside in Argentina. they are waiting for him many encounters with the leaders of JxC and above all dissipate at some point unknown whether or not he will take part in the next elections.

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