Marcelo D'Alessio sentenced to four years in prison for attempted extortion

Marcelo D’Alessio sentenced to four years in prison for attempted extortion

The false lawyer Marcelo D’Alessio today was sentenced to four years in prison for having wanted to extort money from a Customs broker so as not to involve him in the so-called “container mafia” and to avoid a “media scandal”.

The decision was made by the Federal Oral Court 2, which also sentenced the prosecutor Juan Ignacio Bidone to three years and eight months in prison. Former AFI agents Rolando Barreiro and Claudio Álvarez were also sentenced to two years in suspended prison.

Before the verdict, D’Alessio assured that he was left without friends, that “the idea was” for him to commit suicide and defended himself by stating that he had not carried out the extortion: “A trafficker came to look for a service,” he said.

In addition, he told the judges that he had already been condemned by the media and fired at the macrismo that left him alone by calling him “crazy.” “If there is that hackneyed crack, they left me right in the middle,” he added. He also complained that the court knew him “perhaps as an anti-K agent, a judicial operator, a spy for imperialist powers, and I don’t know how many more atrocities,” he said.

“I was more hurt by the villainy of those who happened in a state of panic saying to use the media saying that he was crazy, a storyteller or that he was in dialogue with drug trafficking or calibers of sonic projectiles with a grandchild. If there is such a gritty crack, they left me right in the middle,” he complained.

The prosecutor Diego Luciani had asked for five years in prison for D’Alessio as the author of an attempted extortion of Trafficker, while he requested four years and eight months for the Mercedes prosecutor Juan Ignacio Bidone, suspended from his position, on the grounds that he “pulverized the trust that the citizens deposit with prosecutors in a democratic society “.

A former AFI agents Rolando Barreiro and Claudio Álvarez, He considered them necessary participants and asked them for four and a half years and three years and nine months, respectively. The defenses, meanwhile, demanded acquittals.

The judges Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Enrique Signori they released their verdict this afternoon. Separately, he processed the case against journalist Daniel Santoro, who had initially been prosecuted by Judge Luis Rodríguez and, after a ruling by the Federal Chamber, was dismissed on August 13.

The case

Trafficker, a former customs broker, sued D’Alessio in late 2016 for extortion. According to him, D’Alessio, a neighbor of his in the country Saint Thomas de Canning, had asked him for money to help him in the cause of the container mafia, the scandal that had started at the beginning of the macrista administration with a complaint against the then head of the Customs Juan José Gómez Centurión and who later ended up imprisoning Julio De Vido’s brother-in-law, Claudio Minnicelli.

Trafficker said that D’Alessio warned him that he was accused in that case that the economic criminal judge Marcelo Aguinsky was leading. He explained that he was an intelligence agent and that he had contacts with the judiciary and the media. That I could help him, I pay through. As proof of what he said, he showed him a list of incoming and outgoing calls he had made, and other personal data.

These data, it would later be known, had been obtained thanks to an urgent request that the prosecutor Bidone formally made in the case of the triple crime of General Rodríguez, based on an intelligence report signed by Claudio Álvarez, contacted through Barreiro –who had already left the AFI-. According to Traficante, D’Alessio warned him that two cars were following him and that his name would appear in the media if he did not pay. The case, however, was not activated until the scandal broke out in Dolores that made him famous.

Last April 2020, the prosecutor Juan Pablo Curi asked that Marcelo D’Alessio, the former policemen Ricardo Oscar Bogoliuk and Norberto Aníbal Degastaldi, the former intelligence agent Rolando Hugo Barreiro, the suspended Mercedes prosecutor Juan Ignacio Bidone, face the bench, the foreign trade advisor Carlos Alberto Liñani and Eduardo Ariel Menchi, who acted as custodian of the false lawyer. The case has not yet been raised. After decisions made by judges Alejo Ramos Padilla (today in La Plata) and Martín Bava, the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata has yet to resolve the procedural situations of other defendants.

The trial

The trial for the so-called Trafficking case began in Comodoro Py on March 8. The debate was in the hands of the Federal Oral Court 2, the same one that has in its hands the oral trial against Cristina Kirchner, Julio De Vido and Lázaro Báez, for the works that the Kirchner businessman received in Santa Cruz. The accusation was in the hands of the prosecutor Luciani, who requested the sentences. Today was the last day of the process.

The hearing started after 9 in the morning. The first part was used by the prosecutor and the defenders to answer what was expressed in the allegations. The focus was on a series of WhatsApp talks that the Public Ministry used to accuse and that D’Alessio’s defense challenged.

When the Court gave the defendants turn for the last words, the first to speak was D’Alessio. But he was “muted” and waiting for the Federal Penitentiary Service to enable the microphone, the suspended Mercedes prosecutor Juan Ignacio Bidone started. He told the judges that he wanted to speak “before they make a decision that will affect my life and my future in a decisive way.”

“I want to urge you two things: that as men of law do not take lightly the decision you are about to make,” he said. “Beyond being a prosecutor, I am a family man and who has had to suffer public and media derision for three years, I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. I never thought that a colleague could now be accusing me in the worst way and in an absolutely disproportionate way, “he added.

Bidone stated that his “passion was always to investigate” and regretted having been “reckless in not formalizing the relationship with the federal justice or with D’Alessio.” “This would have allowed me to see that it was a fiasco”, admitted. But he insisted that he wanted to investigate the cause of the triple crime of General Rodríguez that marked his career and that is still open. “I swear to God I never wanted to participate in extortion.”

On that, Bidone pointed out his accusation. “In my case, where is the certainty that I knew what Mr. D’Alessio was doing with Traficante? I ask you to think about what would have happened if I had not had that list of calls. D’Alessio had already made his move, ”he said. I shouldn’t have let D’Alessio infiltrate my functions, I shouldn’t have shared the information I shared with him. But all this is far from extortion. “

Then it was D’Alessio’s turn, from an office located in the Ezeiza prison. After greeting the judges and asking permission to use a “memory aid” so as not to “wander”, he first thanked his official defender, Santiago Finnen, and then his family (“the three suns of my life, my wife and my two little ones , which are magical ”). “Of the 50 friends and 500 acquaintances, there were so few left that I can count them by hand, it is a hard learning process “added.

“They have brought the cause of Dolores and the modus operandi from day zero. The media condemnation seems to exceed the principle of innocence. You knew me through the media before I sat here. Maybe as an anti-K agent, a judicial operator, a spy for imperialist powers and I don’t know how many more atrocities, ”he said.

“I was more hurt by the villainy of those who happened in a state of panic saying to use the media saying that he was crazy, a storyteller or that he was in dialogue with drug trafficking or calibers of sonic projectiles with a grandchild. If there is such a gritty crack, they left me right in the middle, “he complained.

“Besides being a present dad, I am hyperactive, and an entrepreneur. I have been studying the matrix of drug trafficking and terrorism for a long time. I did train many ministers, deputies, deputies, ministers, senators, high-ranking officials of the AFI and journalists. I also created the Big Mac index of cocaine, which is currently used by the Drugs area of ​​the Nation Units. Obviously, those presentations contained information that bothered officials who, far from prosecuting the material that I developed, chose to silence me by setting a trap for me, ”he added during his presentation.

D’Alessio also targeted the judges who held him prisoner. “In 2019 I was being tortured by the national state. Two judges (Luis Rodríguez and Alejo Ramos Padilla) decided that the best thing for me was to be in a single regime since the advent of democracy: isolated 24 hours a day. After a year, the best thing I could do is ask them to put a track for me and sedate me so I don’t stay awake. It was either that or the gallows. In that context, I spent all of 2019. Ideally, I would commit suicide. And today we come because D’Alessio did not evaluate in 2019 that there were so many whatsapp that put the theory of relativity in check “. In this context, the false lawyer assured that he did not extort money from Trafficker and that the businessman “came to look for a service because he was in a panic thinking that he had spoken with a person who was a fugitive” because of the container mafia.

“I know that the right thing is not always the right thing. I feel helpless, angry, I am very sad. Gabriel knew at all times that I did not want to extort money from him and he saw in me a solution ”, he added. He stated that he had nothing to do with Clarín’s publications. “I dream of playing my son’s ping pong game again at night where I hadn’t played that doesn’t end with a hug,” he added. “For all that, I hope through his verdict he begins to put some light in so much darkness.”

Then it was Rolando Barreiro’s turn, who said: “I don’t regret anything because I can’t regret something I didn’t do. That is why I am at peace with God and with myself. I don’t need more. I want to say to Marcelo D’Alessio ‘be calm that everything happens and everything arrives’ ”.

And the AFI agent Claudio Álvarez also said: “Here there was talk of drug trafficking, addresses, telephones, courts. Is not my bussiness. Nobody named me, nobody recognized me. I appeal to the honorable court that is going to judge me. I trust Justice because I worked for Justice. I have nothing to do with it. The only thing I’m going to ask for is Justice. Much justice ”. As he said, he delivered a list “confided in a prosecutor.” If the prosecutor used it for something else, “I leave it in your hands.” “They threw me out like a dog for all this and I submitted to the truth machine. I never thought it was going to go to trial. I ask for justice ”.

The TOF went to an intermission until 12:30 p.m. to announce its final verdict, which D’Alessio waited in the same Ezeiza office, with tea in a plastic cup, taking notes and talking on the phone with his lawyer. Almost 20 minutes later than expected, the TOF secretary asked to turn on the cameras and announced his decision.

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