A man in Alabama faces multiple criminal charges for brutally beating his 14-year-old daughter after this alert his mother of the alleged infidelities of the father.

Christopher Andrighetti, 39, is accused of hitting victim with bathroom curtain rod and with a piece of wood. Additionally, authorities in Franklin County allege that the suspect he shook the young woman to the ground, slapped her and threw glass bottles at her in the mobile home they lived in.

The events were reported on Monday after the girl told her mother, Barbara Nicole Andrighetti, 36, that he thought his father was being unfaithful to him through a social media account.

The woman decided to share in cyberspace photos of the interior of the mobile home located in Russellville destroyed by Andrighetti. The user indicated that because he was unfaithful, Christopher had to leave the space and move to the house of his oldest son.

According to her account, that same day, the man returned when she was working and destroyed everything inside the trailer. The mother also confirmed that Andrighetti beat the minor for almost an hour before going to get a drink from the fridge, which allowed the young woman to escape and ask a neighbor for help.

“I am so proud of her for being brave enough not to keep quiet,” the mother shared.

When deputies from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, they found the suspect hiding in the closet and covered in blood from self-inflicted injuries, News 19 reported. The victim had “obvious injuries.” The health condition of the adolescent is not clear. Another minor, whose relationship to those involved is unknown, was also hidden in the closet.

The arrested person faces charges of domestic violence and abuse in the first degreeas well as child abuse and assault.

The man was booked into the county detention center on $200,000 bond.

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