Chollywood figures spoke out for rains in Lima and the province.

various figures of to show they were not indifferent rainy which have been registered in Lima and in the north of the country due to the Cyclone Yaku. Several of them have been directly affected, since they live in the most affected areas; while others appealed to local authorities to come to the aid of the victims.

The reality boy has been slammed for worrying about his home’s infrastructure after the precipitation it happened in Lima. “Look how it’s raining!” This thing is crazy, ah. Right now, my little roof is going to fall,” he said on his Instagram account.

The House of patrick parody is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Las Casuarinas, in La Molina, where she lives with her parents and sisters, Majo and Mafer Parodi. According to the defunct ‘Válgame Dios’ program, the mansion is valued at $5 million.

Patricio Parodi has been criticized for worrying about his
Patricio Parodi has been criticized for worrying about his “little roof” affected by the rains.

The national singer showed footage of his apartment, where he lives with Karen Schwarz and their two daughters, which was hit by the heavy rain recorded in Lima, the night of March 13. Instead of complaining Ezio Oliva reflected on the families who have no roof to live on or who have lost everything because of the Cyclone Yaku.

“If today you feel like it was a bad day because your house was flooded or your sofa was stained, think of those who woke up without a home and without the means to move on and without the means to buy this plastic. If we can help someone from our space, let’s help,” he said.

Ezio Oliva shared his experience with Cyclone Yakú | ICT Tac

“May God give much strength to our brothers in northern Peru, who are not having fun. Pray a lot for them. I know the rain in lima This causes discomfort to many, but let’s not stop being empathetic. It is very sad what is happening. I support a thousand of my brothers in the north. Strength ! “Wrote the gravy boat in her Instagram stories.

Message from Amy Gutierrez.  (instagram)
Message from Amy Gutierrez. (instagram)

The popular ‘Pharaona de la Cumbia’ traveled to Lambayeque to help families affected by the rainy in the north of the country. Through his social networks, he asked members of the Congress of the Republic to travel to Illimo to testify to the shortcomings of the inhabitants.

“They don’t have electricity, internet or water. They cook and wash with rainwater. It’s a shame. To the authorities, bend your knees, wet your shoes, come here to support these people. Don’t just come to cities to give gifts when you want them to vote for you to be mayor, congressman or president, come when you need to,” the entertainer said.

Marisol called on the authorities to come to the aid of Cyclone Yaku | Facebook

The conductor of ‘Magaly TV, The Firm‘, born in Huacho, expressed his solidarity with the victims of the heavy rain which were registered in Lima and province due to the Cyclone Yaku. In addition, he appealed to the authorities to provide humanitarian aid to the affected families.

“My solidarity with the people of the north and center of the country, now in Lima. I feel helpless as a journalist to be able to do anything or help, but something will come to mind. I think it’s time for all the media to come together to recriminate and demand that effective things be done for the good of the people,” he said. Magali Medina in your show program.

Magaly Medina spoke about the heavy rains in Lima and the province.
Magaly Medina spoke about the heavy rains in Lima and the province.

The organizer of Miss Peru supports, through her social networks, the national representatives who compete in different beauty contests, including Alondra Huarac. Despite his work, he took a few minutes to send a message to the people of Piura.

“We pray that the intensity of the rainy and no longer affect our population. A hug to Piura, ”said Jessica Newton on her platform.

Jessica Newton spoke.  (instagram)
Jessica Newton spoke. (instagram)

The model and former cheerleader reported that her home in Chosica was flooded due to rainfall generated by the Cyclone Yaku. Even if Shirley Cherres said she was already prepared for the rains, she did not expect her house to be so affected. “Let’s hope the rain stops soon,” he said on his TikTok account.

Shirley Cherres’ house was flooded. ICT Tac.

The program ‘america today‘ transmitted from the human settlement ‘Brisas’, in Comas. The TV host was appalled by the situation that more than 200 families are going through, who have nowhere to live after the rains in Lima. from the whole, Ethel Pozo promised to help the victims.

“What we are showing on the air is amazing, it’s very sad. We want to do a collection and bring breakfast and lunch. Oswaldo, you can save them. We need the list to be able to help these children. It’s incredible what we see, “he limited in front of the cameras.

Ethel Pozo and 'América Hoy' will bring aid to people affected by the rains in Lima.
Ethel Pozo and ‘América Hoy’ will bring aid to people affected by the rains in Lima.

The former model informed her subscribers that her home, located in nice point, was not flooded due to the landslide that occurred in the area. Besides, Tilsa Lozano indicated that she is concerned about neighbors, friends and relatives who live in the spa.

“Thanks to everyone who writes to me, I know a lot of news has come out of Punta Hermosa. Thank you for the concern. I’m home and luckily we haven’t been affected as much as the flow of mud went through the right. We are always worried about our family and our friends, empathy to a thousand”, he expressed in the company of his grandchildren.

Tilsa Lozano is worried about the situation in Punta Hermosa.
Tilsa Lozano is worried about the situation in Punta Hermosa.

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