A last goodbye. After the unfortunate death of Morning who lost his life on Friday March 10, Magali Medina decided to say goodbye to the Peruvian singer during the live broadcast of ‘Magaly TV, The Firm‘, this Monday, March 13. The journalist highlighted the personality and the successful artistic career of the popular ‘Tongue‘.

“He amused us, he made us laugh, he made us disown with his scandals, with his polemical statements and with his way of being. He was quite a Hollywood character. Without a doubt, it was the first youtuber success that Peru had. His songs were a joke, because they were a badly written and spoken mix, but he made them go viral,” he said at the start.

After that, the ATV figure indicated that the ‘Tonglish‘ was an Internet phenomenon and that, despite the differences it had at one point with Morning regards him as “a man who found a style with which he became loved and popular”.

“He made his way with shisha music, but with those rare versions he puts to music, like ‘La Pituca’ and songs from other famous bands, he overcame all social barriers. So much so that they hired him in Asian nightclubs, where young people cheered him on, took pictures with him and sang his songs in the Tonglish language,” he said.

If you know that Morning He was hospitalized at the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN) due to diabetes, renal failure and the cancer from which he had suffered for years. He was transferred to Arzobispo Loayza Hospital for dialysis. However, his health became complicated and on Friday March 10, around 7 p.m., he lost his life.

“Special people never die, they stay in our hearts and memory, you were a great father, the best, you filled many people with joy, you will never be forgotten, now is the time for you to fly high and sing up there in the sky, I’ll leave here for you, we love you forever daddy,” his daughter wrote. cinthia gutierrez making public the death of his father.

People who want to lay off Morning You can do it from this Monday, March 13. His remains will be buried in the Campo de Huachipa cemetery, starting at noon.

He was born as Jose Abelardo Gutierrez Alanya in Huancayo. He lived much of his childhood and adolescence in San Cosme, La Victoria, where his friends gave him the nickname “Tombolita”, which later changed to “Morning‘, nickname with which he remained until the end of his days.

He leaves seven children and his wife. Gladys Lupinta. His heirs are: María Luisa Gutiérrez (sociologist and singer), Fiorella Gutiérrez (lingotherapist and singer), Brenda Gladys Gutiérrez (petrochemical engineer), Abelardo Alexander Gutiérrez (guitarist), Madeleine Lisette Gutiérrez (soprano singer), Cinthia Gutiérrez (singer) and Jesus Gutierrez.

“I wanted to have enough children so that they didn’t suffer like me. I got my wife pregnant and said my first child should be a man. And a woman came out, María Luisa. At the second I said again man, but also woman. I told Gladys that now, a third, I wanted a man. And one more woman came out (…) “I have never fallen into temptations, I have always thought of my children. I cannot see my children suffering from hunger or see them without shoes, without polo shirts, no,” he commented. Morning in a report on Latina TV.

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