Brasília, March 6. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva addressed the common positions of Brazil and the United Kingdom on multilateral climate and environmental agendas on Monday during a telephone conversation with King Carlos III.

“Conversé hace poco con el rey Carlos III, de Reino Unido. social networks.

According to a statement from the presidency, the Brazilian president took advantage of the conversation to thank the monarch for his positive comments regarding Brazil’s role in the multilateral agenda on climate change and sustainable development.

Carlos III and Lula have repeatedly expressed their concern about global warming and their position in favor of the need to adopt measures to alleviate the climate crisis and preserve the environment.

On January 1, in his inauguration speech, Lula reaffirmed Brazil’s commitment to reducing its emissions of polluting gases and said it “will not tolerate” the destruction of the Amazon, whose deforestation rates have exploded. these last 4 years. Bolsonaro (2019-2022).

Late last year, before assuming his third term, the Brazilian progressive leader traveled to Egypt to attend the UN Climate Conference COP27 to defend his positions.

During the telephone conversation, the two heads of state also touched on other issues on the bilateral agenda and expressed their desire to increase trade and investment between their countries.

“President Lula also highlighted the fluidity of the bilateral agenda in the areas of trade and investment, cultural exchanges and science and technology, in addition to highlighting, among other issues, cooperation between ( the Brazilian scientific center) Fiocruz and the University of Oxford in the production of the AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19”, according to the press release.

Carlos III has been King of the United Kingdom since the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, last September, and his coronation is scheduled for May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Lula had an official meeting with Carlos III in 2009, when the then Prince of Wales paid an official visit to Brazil and was received at the Planalto presidential palace by the then Brazilian head of state ( 2003-2010).

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