Lord Fer, a well-known DJ in Mexico City’s goth scene, was charged with alleged sexual abuse during the 8M mobilization. (Twitter @OnvresT / @carinae1984)

under the International Women’s Dayon March 8, hundreds of women took to the streets to raise their voices to defend their rights and demand an end to the gender violence.

Among the actions carried out, the purple tide that flooded the historic center prepared installations and interventions in order to report the abuses of men. One of the cases that has caught the eye is the anonymous complaint against “Lord Iron”, dj and a forum member known as Real Under located in Mexico City.

It was in a “clothesline” where several posters appeared with the photograph of this subject, according to the message to which it is identified as Fernando Salas and belongs to the Gothic scene of the capital. Under his photograph appeared a text with the phrase: “rapist”.

Immediately the photo of the accused began to circulate on social networks, which made the complaint rise in force and little by little a large number of testimonies of women where they revealed the abuses that Lord Fer allegedly committed against them. The victims said they were touched without their consent by the DJ, some managed to flee when the man allegedly tried to kiss them and also pointed to his brother.

In view of what happened, the Real Under site spoke out in a statement in which it made it clear that the complaints filed would be investigated and showed its full support for those affected by the removal of Lord Iron from the forum, “Until the facts are clear by mutual agreement, we have separated from his work and from the collective, the person indicated“, they assured.

“We support complaints, encourage them and seek that he be the subject of an investigation and, if necessary, of sanctions whoever is responsible for any violence against women”

The Real Under forum has released a statement on the charges brought against DJ Lord Fer for alleged sexual abuse and harassment.  (Twitter @RockeHistorias)
The Real Under forum has released a statement on the charges brought against DJ Lord Fer for alleged sexual abuse and harassment. (Twitter @RockeHistorias)

Similarly, Internet users, forum visitors and Internet users have maintained their support for the victims. “Let all the girls in the scene, especially the underage ones, know that DJ Lord Fer needs to take care of them”, “While walking from 8M to CDMX they left several posters of Lord Fer. In the one of the Facebook messages, they have already left several testimonies”, “There are several girls who tell how they were victims of abuse and harassment by Lord Fer”, “All these testimonies of abuse are already massive and date from ‘years ago,’ were some of the comments that filled Twitter and Facebook.

The nightclub, Real Under was a key site where the counter-culture, music and art converged. It also served as the seat of alternative bazaars, concerts and above all a platform for emerging musicians and DJs. In this place full of diversity, rock, gothic musicpunk and the like flourished in the Mexican scene.

Fernando Salas, better known as “Lord Fer”, was for many years considered a national icon of the country’s alternative and gothic movement. With a trajectory of more than 20 years, he was one of the founders of Real Under, so far this has not made any statement in this regard.

It should be mentioned that in one of the “clotheslines” where several men were reported for alleged sexual abuse, the poster with the musician’s photo stood out. Siddhartha.

(Instagram photos: @iamsiddhartha // @basta.del.abuso.2)
(Instagram photos: @iamsiddhartha // @basta.del.abuso.2)

March 10, Siddhartha enabled alerts after learning that her photo appeared on a clothesline sexual abuse allegations. It was through an account instagram dedicated to exposing the alleged abusers, an image of a complaint clothesline was posted where the photograph of Jorge Siddhartha González Ibarra appeared.

The facts allegedly occurred in 2018 when he allegedly had consensual sex with the singer.

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