Cyclone Yaku: what are the active ravines that generate landslides in Lima and where are they located?

The bone huaicos reported on Tuesday, March 14, were the product of activating at least 20 streams. These twenty ravines are located from Ancón to San Bartolo, detailed the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN).

Eric CorrijoCOEN spokesperson, explained that this activation of the flows led to the issuance of the red alert in Lima and that they are in permanent contact with the municipalities of the district to follow the actions that are adopted to evacuate the population touched.

Huascata (Chaclacayo), Alfonso Cobian (Chaclacayo), Huascarán (Chaclacayo), Cusipata (Chaclacayo), Los Cóndores (Chaclacayo), Santa Inés (Chaclacayo), Yanakoto (Lurigancho), Vizcachera-Vallecito (Lurigancho), Chacrasana (Lurigancho-Chosica ), Chosica, Girasoles (Chosica), Cantuta (Chosica), San Bartolomé, Don Bosco, Huancos (Huaricanga), Huaycoloro (San Juan de Lurigancho), Inocente (Ancón), Río Seco (Lurín) and San Bartolo.

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