Gaimin Gladiatos at the Lima Major final.

the holiday of Dota 2 lives at Arena 1 in San Miguel. After five days of intense competition, this Saturday March 4, it was possible to meet the first finalist of the Lima Major 2023we refer to Gaimin Gladiators.

The Western European team won 2-0 over team liquid, one of the favorites of this tournament; however, they couldn’t do much against Quinn and company, who are determined to win this event.

Since the group stage, Gaimin Gladiators He proved to be one of the strongest beating almost all his rivals, as he only lost to the Peruvian team evil geniuses.

For this reason, in conversation with GlobeLiveMedia, the hard carry of this team, Dyrachyosaid the only organization they considered direct rivals in the Lima Major it was to the “evil geniuses”.

“I prefer Evil Geniuses more. Peruvians are probably faster than Beastcoast. I really don’t like them, to be honest. EG is a good team. Let’s see what they do. If we don’t play against them, we’ll play normal Dota, like we usually do, and see who wins,” he said.

However, in the group stage, Gaimin Gladiators This was reinforced, especially when they felt the warmth of the Peruvian fans, since they decided to support the European team to have in their ranks Quinn, an experienced professional player who was dominating America at the time.

In every game they played, like against Team Aster and Entity, the Peruvian fans gave them their full support, they even harangued them and shouted like real fans every time they made a “kill”.

This Saturday March 4 was no exception, especially when they saw the match against team liquidwhere who was going to make it to the grand finale of this event was defined.

Because Team Liquid lost one of their players a few days before starting this game, they had a lot of trouble, causing Gaimin Gladiators they felt more comfortable and beat them easily.

Gaimin Gladiators is the first runner up.
Gaimin Gladiators is the first runner up.

The grand finale of the Lima Major 2023 It will take place this Sunday, March 5 at Arena 1. The match is scheduled for 3:00 p.m., with the particularity that this time it will be a bo5.

A bo5 means that there is a limit to the games, that yes or yes in the fifth game the champion must be defined if they finish 2-2. However, the first to reach 3 wins wins the tournament and $200,000 in cash.

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