The Libyan government has accused the United States of interventionism by declaring the National Oil Company of Libya, the country’s state oil company, as an “independent entity” during the meeting between the American ambassador, Richard Norland, and the president of the entity, Mustafa Sanalla.

In a statement collected by the ‘Libya Observer’, the Libyan Oil Ministry has denounced these words as inappropriate and a clear intervention in Libyan internal affairs.

For the Ministry, Norland’s statements have been a violation of Libyan sovereignty and he has reiterated that the Libyan Government is the only entity responsible for the National Petroleum Corporation is only an appendage of the Ministry.

Norland’s statements were collected on the Twitter account of the United States Embassy in Libya in a message published on June 24 in which he described the oil company as “a net asset for Libya in combination with a Ministry that is committed to use its resources to benefit all Libyans.”

The benefits of oil will be absolutely essential for Libya to carry out the difficult transition process after months of conflict between the two parallel administrations that have competed for power in the country.

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