The word “avocado” has become popular especially in South America.

There Royal Spanish Academyalso known as RAE by his acronym, he made a curious post on Thursday, March 2, via his official Twitter account that went viral. In one of his segments, he asked users which word is used the most, if “attorney“oh”attorney”.

“Questions of the week: Is the fruit in the image called avocado or avocado? The majority form is ‘avocado’, but ‘palta’ and ‘avocado’ are also used in some countries in America, and ‘pay‘/’plunder‘ for a particular variety. What do you call it?” he tweeted. RAE.

In the comments, many Peruvian, Chilean and Argentinean Internet users, as well as citizens of other South American nationalities, defended the term “attorneyand assured that “that must be the right word”. However, Mexican users opted for “attorney”.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the majority way of referring to this fruit is "attorney".
According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the majority way of referring to this fruit is “avocado”.

This fruit has become trendy in recent hours thanks to the Chilean actor Peter Pascalnaturalized American, who took part in a dynamic with Jon Favreauseries director The Mandalorian (of which Pascal is a part), where Chilean food had to compete with some North American stews.

During the dynamic, there were a total of five Chilean and gringo dishes that the two characters tried for the YouTube channel. LADBible TV and, although not all preparations were convincing, the avocado bread received the best reviews.

“Is that avocado?” he asked. Peter Pascal to the mediator of the dynamics. She replied that it is “avocado” (lawyer in English). “It’s avocado,” the actor pointed out. “It’s my favorite. It’s marraqueta, marraqueta is bread and bread with avocado is breakfast,” added the famous actor.

The actor Pedro Pascal is the protagonist of "The Mandalorian.  (EFE/EPA/Christian Monterrosa)
Actor Pedro Pascal is the protagonist of ‘The Mandalorian. (EFE/EPA/Christian Monterrosa)

He avocado bread it competed with the famous peanut butter jelly sandwich. If Pascal had his favorite from the start, Favreau also favored this fruit often confused with a vegetable.

The actor’s comment on attorney It caused a stir on social networks, not only because of the gastronomic aspect, but because there is a marked controversy over the name of this food. In some countries like Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador this fruit is called avocado, while in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru it is known as palta .

The short answer is that it’s the same as the attorney, just called something else. Although it refers to Peruvian slang, “palta” is used as a synonym for shame, and is even related to fright or fear What some also wonder is where this term comes from and how it spread to Peru, Chile, Argentina and other countries, where it is called as such.

According to the chronicler Garcilaso de la Vega, the term "attorney" It became popular thanks to Tupac Inca Yupanqui.
According to chronicler Garcilaso de la Vega, the term “lawyer” became popular thanks to Túpac Inca Yupanqui.

To understand that, according to the Peruvian chronicler Garcia de la Vegawe have to go back to the arrival of the Spaniards on American soil, when the consumption of this fruit had already spread from Central America to the southern part of the continent.

According to the author, Tupac Inca Yupanquiin its advance through present-day Ecuador, had consolidated its domination over the territories of the Palta ethnicity, on whose lands this tree was grown with prosperity. After its conquest, the Inca took the delicious fruit to Cusco and other regions of Tahuantinsuyo (in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru), where it became known as the ethnicity and region that produced it with such success. . .

This is how the word became” in this part of South America, simply, because around the middle of the 15th century, the fruits produced in the avocado region (which, by the way, is still the official name of this region of the province of Loja, Ecuador) became famous.

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