The former deputy general secretary of the PSOE Adriana Lastra will once again lead her party’s candidacy for Asturias in the next general elections, which should be held next year, according to the secretary General of the FSA-PSOE and President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón.

In her speech before the Autonomous Committee of the FSA-PSOE, Barbón pointed out that this was requested by the general secretary of her party and president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, after Lastra resigned from her post last July due to “important changes” in her personal life after her pregnancy that required “calm and rest.”

The socialist leader has transferred to the members of the regional committee “a hug” from Lastra who, she has assured, continues to rest completely “and things are going well” and is “very eager” to return to her parliamentary work in Congress when she gives a light

Barbón, already ratified as a candidate for the regional elections next May, has also announced that these comedians “will be difficult” and that the socialists cannot take them for granted in Asturias, but that, in the case of the municipal Nor should they be accounted for lost in those municipalities where they do not govern.

Five years after her first day as secretary general of the FSA-PSOE, the also president of the Principality has indicated that her purpose then was to “unify the party around a common project” which, in her opinion, was revalidated four years later in the last Congress of the organization, in which its Executive obtained the support of 97 percent of the delegates.

In this sense, it has reiterated the neutrality of the leadership that it leads in the primaries convened in Oviedo and Gijón to elect candidates in the municipal elections, but has warned the different candidates -three in the first case and two in the second- that This process does not become “an exercise in navel-gazing” but rather focuses “on talking about people’s problems.”

“We can’t seem like Martians talking about ourselves. It must be a constructive show for the people”, she pointed out after recalling that last summer she warned against the ‘barullu’ (riot in Asturian) that could generate the open process in Gijón by a group of militants to request primaries despite governing the city , an initiative that obtained the support of more than half of the affiliates and led to the resignation of the mayor, Ana González, to repeat as a candidate.

Thus, she has warned that while the processes of the PSOE may seem “a barullu” they are not “a grillera” like those of other formations, alluding without mentioning it to the situation of the Asturian PP after the decision of Genoa not to present as a candidate in the regional to its regional president, Teresa Mallada, who has resigned from continuing to lead the party.

“How good it would be for other parties if the decisions were made by their militants and not from an office in Madrid,” she stressed after warning that the formation she leads is not “a branch” and it is not even “the PSOE in Asturias” but the Asturian Socialist Federation, “the party of Asturias, which has been building this land with the people for more than a hundred years.”

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