Renowned content creators were on the sports scene in the capital of Antioquia.

One of the situations that everyone is talking about is what happened at the Atanasio Girardot, before the meeting between Atlético Nacional and America de Cali by the BetPlay League. Some members of the barra of Los del Sur generated several excesses, acts of violence and even confronted the public force before the engagement to protest against the directives of the Verdolaga squad. content creators, then he there Duke’s Days They were on the sports scene when the events happened.

The two big-name influencers got a real scare as they were present at the meetup which would take place on the 14th day of the BetPlay League between the National and America; however, the riots that occurred in the south stand of the sports arena in the capital of Antioquia prevented the match from taking place, which was why it had to be postponed.

On his social networks, the content creator and now streamer, La Liendra, revealed some details on how they lived through the difficult times at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. Even though they were in a different rostrum, they couldn’t hide their fear for the outrages that took place and that caused three soldiers to be wounded.

Riots between members of the barra Los Del Sur and Esmad.  Courtesy.
Riots between members of the barra Los Del Sur and Esmad. Courtesy.

In some Instagram Stories, La Liendra shared details of when members of the Mobile Riot Squad (Esmad) tried to control the inflamed fans with tear gas. His partner, the also renowned influencer Dani Duke, was very scared by what was happening in the place and, even, warned her boyfriend that his family might panic for what was going on.

Although the content creator was relatively calm for who he was in the west gallery, he managed to get a good scare when he saw that some of the members of Those of the South and the law enforcement officers were near the area where they were with their partner.

“Don’t record me that I’m really scared, My mother will see your stories and she will freak out”, and La Liendra replied, “Now baby, now we’re here, nothing’s gonna happen here. We’re in more danger if we leave, we can’t move from here.”

In another story, you can see that they try to leave the stadium, but apparently the security people didn’t allow them. “Oops, but that was awful”, assured La Liendra. In a final post he revealed how he goes out at night when there is no one in the Atanasio Girardot.

Content creators were on the sports scene when the excesses happened.

According to some versions of the members of the bar, they have shown themselves to be in disagreement with the directives of the team and the way in which they have led the Verdolaga team in recent months. Mauricio Navarre, The president of Atlético Nacional, on the other hand, assured that the annoyance is due to the fact that they have decided to end some economic agreements they had with the bar.

“I want to clarify that the problem of Atlético Nacional is not with its fans, it is only with those of Los del Sur. We have simply announced that the club, due to the economic deficit, does not accept some requests. The issue of subscriptions torpedoed him and he was not able to accept what they were asking for in terms of economics, ticketing, and another was to pay them money to take care of the fans visiting.The measures are taken, if the bar does not want to let the game go, it will be difficult.In addition, Those in the South tried to prevent the team from succeeding”, assured the president of the club in Win Sports.

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