Karol G could become the first Latina woman to hold the top spot on the Anglo Billboard

Karol G could become the first Latina woman to hold the top spot on the Anglo Billboard

‘Mañana será bonito’, the Colombian reggaeton singer’s fifth album, has seventeen songs, including the most famous debut ‘TQG’ Photo: Instagram @karolg

Carolina Giraldo Navarro more recognized as Karol G, ¨Bichota¨ or ¨Gatubela¨ born February 14, 1991, she studied music at the University of Antioquia and marketing in New York for three months. Her career in the music industry began in 2006, when she participated in the reality show Factor X, it was a big boost for the singer-songwriter since, thanks to this participation , she obtained her first recording contract with Flamingo Records (Colombia). & Diamond Music (Puerto Rico).

During this first year and since her debut on the TV show, she was invited by the Bogotá DJ Kio, to be the first part of Don Omar’s concerts in the city of Cartagena. Reggaeton singer J. Balvin showed up and sang a song together, making it the first of several collaborations the artists would develop throughout their careers, this forged what is now apparently a close friendship.

In 2007, he released his first single entitled “En la playa” under the Puerto Rican label and After his success with DJ Kio, he opened the concerts of Daddy Yankee during his tour in Colombia in 2008., the same year, he will release his second single and music video titled “Por ti”. In 2009 he introduced his fans among a few singles: “Tell me yes”, “Así es el amor” and “I got excited”. In 2010, with Alexander DJ, he worked as a backing vocalist for Antioquian singer Reykon with whom he would later release two songs together, one of them ‘Tu juguete’ (2011) and ‘301’ (2012), winning a great international fame notoriety with the latter, he resigned from his work with him, to concentrate on his project as a soloist.

In 2013, he started gaining more fans with the songs “Bajo control” and “Amor de dos”, the latter with artist Nicky Jam. In 2014 the songs “Ricos besos” and “Mañana” appeared, the latter with the collaboration of Andy Rivera.

La colombiana that grew up early in life, edad su semilla de creación y producción musical, sigue dando de qué hablar tras posiblemente converter se la primera mujer latina en sentar un precedente histórico, figurando cómo #1 en el Billboard anglo con su nuevo disco ´Mañana será beautiful.

February 24 the song ‘TQG’ which features artist Barranquillera Shakira, quickly broke YouTube records as the most-watched female collaboration in its first 24 hours, with around 40 million views on its first day of release.

With extreme pride and happiness Karol told her followers on Instagram, through her stories that her debut is already confirmed how much #1 on the Latin Billboardand who at the same time is in competition with great international artists to obtain a position with the same position on the Anglo Billboard.

“Tomorrow will be beautiful” has more than 32 million streams on Spotify to dateis Apple Music’s first worldwide No. 1 ever and the second-highest female debut ever on YouTube.

Despite the achievements and successes achieved so far and during his 17 years of work, word has spread that Karol is going to take a break., However, this does not mean that he will retire completely from music because, as he commented in an interview with Mexican radio Exa: “I have a lot of talent that I had not discovered and that I want to develop, and that maybe, if I do, I could deliver better products to my audience”, in addition to that, he added during the conversation: “I think this break that I will take will be very positive, I think my next album will be very experimental for me”.

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