Israel will implement a series of measures to facilitate the entry of fuel and donations for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip during the next week, amid talks to strengthen the truce between the movement Palestinian Islamist Hamas and Israel, Palestinian diplomatic sources informed Efe.

According to the sources, who asked not to be identified, Egyptian mediators who recently visited the Gaza Strip informed Hamas that Israel is expected to “implement a series of facilities” such as the reopening of land and sea crossings to allow entry. made out of fuel.

This measure would be related to the operation of the only power station towards Gaza and its transmission cables, which suffered serious damage as a result of the latest Israeli bombings.

Likewise, sources pointed out that the Israeli side would also allow the entry of aid offered by Qatar, which announced a “donation” of 500 million dollars for the reconstruction of the Palestinian enclave, whose infrastructure was damaged by the eleven-day Israeli offensive that ended with a ceasefire.

Regarding the reconstruction of the Strip, the sources consulted by Efe affirmed that “it is pending”, since Israel wants to relate this matter to the return of Israeli hostages and the bodies of two soldiers of the security forces of the Hebrew State who were captured in 2014.

Likewise, the sources indicated that an Egyptian intelligence delegation met yesterday with senior Hamas ranks in the Strip and that they were informed that the head of Egypt’s intelligence services, Abbas Kamel, will visit Tel Aviv, Gaza and this Sunday. Ramalá to address the truce.

Also, Hamas confirmed to the Egyptian delegation that a team led by the political head of the Islamist movement, Ismail Haniyeh will go to Cairo next week to attend the ceasefire talks.

Egypt mediated last week’s truce between Israel and the Islamist movement, and has traditionally been the main interlocutor between the Israeli government and Palestinian militias, as well as between different Palestinian factions.

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