Iran and Venezuela will sign a 20-year strategic cooperation agreement this Saturday, during the official visit to Tehran by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

The President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisí, received Maduro this morning at the Sad Abad Palace in Tehran, where they reviewed a military guard and the anthems of the two countries were played.

The two leaders will hold a meeting and sign a 20-year collaboration agreement.

“The two countries will sign a 20-year strategic cooperation agreement today,” the Iranian government said in a statement.

Maduro arrived in Tehran on Friday at the head of a large delegation that includes the Venezuelan ministers of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Communication, Science, Transport and Tourism.

“We have recognized each other as comrades in the struggle,” Maduro said yesterday in an interview on Iranian television HispanTV, referring to relations between the two countries.

The Venezuelan president affirmed that the two countries have the common goal of fighting “colonialism, imperialism and racism,” referring to the United States.

Maduro defined both countries as “revolutionary” and assured that “in this part of the world they admire Simón Bolívar”, while in Venezuela they “admire the 1979 revolution” in Iran.

This trip is part of an international tour that has already taken him to Turkey and Algeria.

Relations between Tehran and Caracas have been very close since the time of the late President Hugo Chávez (1999-2013), based on their mutual opposition to the United States.

Iran has become one of the main allies of the Maduro government in recent years, particularly since 2020 when there was a gasoline shortage in Venezuela and Caracas turned to Tehran to buy fuel.

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