Gustavo Valdés, Mariana Juri, Facundo Manes, Patricia Bullrich, Rodolfo Suárez, Alfredo Cornejo, Carolina Losada, Luis Naidenoff and Emilio Monzó

The high-impact photo they built this Saturday in Mendoza Patricia Bullrich, UCR leaders and Emilio Monzó it is much more than an image. It will be obvious that the same protagonists of this postcard share a roast the next Wednesday in the House of the Province of Corrientes in the city of Buenos Aires. There they will confirm that they have joined a triple meaning: give the head of the PRO a component of greater political consensus, send a message from warning towards Horace Rodriguez Larreta and impose limits on the support of Gerard Morales to larretism.

In the corridors of the Hyatt hotel, where Bullrich and the radical referents were staying, the people of Martín Lousteau lamented the division to the UCR which represents the controversial photo. It is not for less. The gesture of Bullrich, Monzó and the radical leaders has become a challenge for Morales, the head of the UCR, who Gonna throw his candidacy for the presidency on the 15th of this month. They didn’t even let him know what was going to happen and he only found out after the postcard had already been registered. On Friday evening, the head of the PRO and her allies took advantage of a treat from Governor Rodolfo Suárez at the Hyatt Hotel to discuss in depth. They only exchanged greetings with Morales, then looked at each other distantly.

in mendoza a crystallized “team”, as bullrichism baptized it, with its axis in Bullrich and the radicals who criticize the approach of Morales and Lousteau towards Rodríguez Larreta. In this dissident squad, there are radicals like Alfredo Cornejo, Gustavo Valdés, Facundo and Gastón Manes, Carolina Losada, Rodrigo de Loredo, Luis Naidenoff there Marianne Juri. And the novelty was the presence of Monsoon, the “anti-grievance” operator who until now was not defined by Larreta or Bullrich, although his relatives Sebastien Garcia de Luca there Nicolas Massot they integrate the table bullrichista with more and more influence.

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Patricia Bullrich, Rodolfo Suárez and Gerardo Morales, toasting with the winemakers
Patricia Bullrich, Rodolfo Suárez and Gerardo Morales, toasting with the winemakers

Some of the Prime Minister’s leaders who arrived in the capital of Mendoza for the Harvest Festival tried not to give importance to the photo, which had been negotiated for weeks. Fernando Straface, Eduardo Macchiavelli, Omar De Marchi there Guadalupe Tagliaferri they felt the rigor of their internal rivals and suffered a striking marginalization by the protagonists of this opposition postcard: they were unaware of the meeting and even after Saturday morning at the Hyatt Hotel, where Bullrich and his allies posed for the photographers, they weren’t invited either participate in a toast with wine industry businessmen at the Belasco winery in Baquedano and were mixed with the rest of the guests in the basement.

For Bullrich, his “radical leg” will serve to balance the objectives with Larreta in terms of support within Ensemble pour lechange. For now, they are excluded from this scheme Elisa Carrió and the Civic Coalition (CC), unconditional allies of the head of government, even if, if she arrives at Casa Rosada, the head of the PRO has in mind a coalition government where the Chaco leader’s group will have space. Even so, bullrichism slips that there are CC leaders who are close to their sector.

He explosive of the Bullrich-UCR alliance was not only the progress of the agreement between Rodríguez Larreta, Morales and Lousteau, but also the position of the mayor of Buenos Aires in the conflict Together for Mendoza Change, where the larretista Brands keep pretending with compete outside with the Cambia Mendoza front, which will nominate Cornejo as a candidate for governor. Some say that is why the head of government advance his visit to Mendoza (it was Thursday and had threatened not to travel), although his relatives assure that he changed his schedule because this Saturday he had to be in the city of Buenos Aires to attend the wedding of the sister of his girlfriend, Miracle Maylin.

Federico Angelini and Rodrigo de Loredo, in conversation alone after the photo of Patricia Bullrich
Federico Angelini and Rodrigo de Loredo, in conversation alone after the photo of Patricia Bullrich

Even if I know compromise before the National Table of the PRO to settle the question, which amounts to convincing his ally to appear in the provincial PASO instead of breaking the coalition, Rodríguez Larreta did not put limits on De Marchi and even seems to support him: “I will work until the last day so that there is unity throughout the country. Within this unit, I support PRO candidates in Mendoza“, said the head of government last Thursday in the capital of Mendoza. The party is chaired by the provincial deputy Alvaro Martinez, Relatives of De Marchi and Bullrich, an ally of Cornejo, threatened to interfere with the group if it competed outside of JxC.

De Marchi took part this Saturday in all the events on the political agenda of the Harvest Festival, although he was almost always seen alone. He met Bullrich at a reception in a cellar and, despite what he expected, there were no sparks: They greeted each other kindly and talked for a few minutes.

Lousteau also had a one-on-one chat with Cornejo on the Hyatt’s mezzanine following Bullrich’s photo. The future candidate for governor of Mendoza was one of the main managers of the antilarretista postcard. He went from being a possible running mate of the head of the PRO to one of his most trusted operators. At the Harvest Festival, the two were together almost all the time.

Patricia Bullrich and José Luis Espert, in Mendoza, with Federico Angelini, Luis Rosales and Damián Arabia
Patricia Bullrich and José Luis Espert, in Mendoza, with Federico Angelini, Luis Rosales and Damián Arabia

Just as the dissident Bullrich-UCR axis tried to maintain itself in Mendoza very far national government ministers, Morales and Lousteau made opposite. The Governor of Jujuy spoke at the Argentine Vitivinícola Corporation (COVIAR) event and shared the stage with Sergio Massa, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, Victoria Tolosa Paz there Daniel Filmus. At the same event, the radical senator did not hesitate to put in front of the photographers with the Minister of the Interior, whom he warmly greeted.

Facundo Manes He arrived in Mendoza around noon Saturday and they waited for him for the photo created by Bullrich. His brother Gaston, President of the National Convention of the UCR, he was present at previous meetings with bullrichism and other radicals. He also had a one-on-one conversation with Bullrich. “Unity among members of the opposition must prevail when there is shared visions and values. He said after the speech. In their environment, they ensure that Continue to with his presidential bid. His participation in the anti-larretist postcard gave rise to speculation: two weeks ago he met Mauricio Macri in the villa of Los Abrojos, property of the former president.

Macri seems to have become the spiritual leader of this alliance of Bullrich with some radicals. In the photo of Mendoza, it was missing from loredo, the radical deputy of the Lousteau sector, but he was close to the place and was in talks Friday with bullrichism. The Cordoba legislator also approached the former president and the “hawks” to need: will compete with Louis Judge for the candidacy for the post of governor of his province and they are vital the voices of the PRO’s tough electorate.

Fernando Straface speaks with journalist Cristina Pérez during the reception which took place in a cellar in Mendoza;  behind, Luis Petri and Francisco Quintana
Fernando Straface speaks with journalist Cristina Pérez during the reception which took place in a cellar in Mendoza; behind, Luis Petri and Francisco Quintana

At the bullrichista table, the opinion of two pure macristas like Hernan Lombardi there Federico Angelini, also very active in negotiations for the Hyatt photo. Another rising leader in the former security minister’s team is Garcia de Luca as a shipowner in Buenos Aires.

As a sign of these new times of realignments in JxC, Morales and Lousteau they did not go at the central act of the Harvest Festival, at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theatre. what will they do for contain party leaders who turned to Bullrich and avoided a virtual breakup from UCR?

You must have similar questions in these hours Rodriguez Larreta. What will be your steps after the photo of Bullrich? Will he rush an electoral pact with Morales? How are you going to manage your agreement with Lousteau without supporting his candidacy for the head of the government of Buenos Aires, which would put and crisis to the CABA PRO? Its operators, with quick reflexes, broadcast this Saturday the last investigation of Opina Argentina, made in person and at home among 1250 cases, where the head of government intends to vote for the 18% and Bullrich of ten%. If it was to catch up with Bullrich’s photo, it turned around: in the same studio, Javier Miley He is the most voted of all leaders with the 22%.

Some leaders of Together for Change have already entered in panic: while their leaders fight, compete for photos and allies, whoever grows non-stop is the Libertarian MP. This may also be the reason why Bullrich took another suggestive picture of Mendoza: he posed smiling next to the liberals Jose Luis Espert there Louis Rosales, whose votes can be key in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

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