Woman demands kidneys from doctor implicated in organ theft

Woman demands kidneys from doctor implicated in organ theft

An Indian woman had her kidneys stolen after undergoing surgery to remove her uterus

A case of organ theft has surprised the society of India, after a woman denounced the theft of her organs and asked for others to be transplanted.

Sunita Devi, a woman from Bihar state, India, is demanding that her organs be transplanted from a doctor who performed the operation in which her kidneys were allegedly stolen.

On September 3, the 38-year-old woman went to a nursing home in the town of Bariyarpur, in the Muzaffarpur district, to have her uterus removed for medical reasons.

Following the operation, Devi’s health deteriorated and she was transferred to the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) in Muzaffarpur, where the gruesome theft of her kidneys was discovered.

To the surprise of the woman and her family, the doctors informed them that Devi was missing her kidneys and that she would not be able to survive without them. Since then, she Devi survives with regular dialysis at SKMCH.

Devi had to get on India’s official list for an organ transplant, a surgery that will only be performed when donor kidneys become available to her.

However, the woman demanded that the police arrest the doctor accused of stealing her organs and hand over her own kidneys.

“I call on the government to immediately arrest the accused doctor who removed both of my kidneys. Her kidneys need to be transplanted for me to survive,” she said.

According to local media, Devi has three children, and her husband is a landless laborer struggling to make ends meet.

Clinic owner and doctor eloped

After learning the facts, the police filed a complaint against Pawan Kumar, the owner of the Subhakant clinic, and Dr. R K Singh in response to a complaint filed by Devi’s family.

However, the two characters have not been located or heard from since the incident was reported in September.

Police reported that the clinic was unregistered and the doctor’s educational credentials appeared to be false.

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