The strange case of the woman in India who is growing horns on her head

The strange case of the woman in India who is growing horns on her head

A 60-year-old woman who lives in India has been experiencing a real ordeal for some time when she noticed that she had several bumps on her skull that have not stopped growing

3 years ago, an Indian woman named Mimiya Bai began experiencing headaches, which became more and more unbearable as the days passed.

But to the surprise of many, including some doctors who have been treating her problems, one day Mimiya woke up and noticed that some kind of horns began to grow on her head.

At first, when this 60-year-old woman approached people to tell them what was happening to her, she ran into people who didn’t believe anything she told them until she showed them the bumps that were coming out. in the skull.

The local doctors didn’t know exactly what was happening to her, until she came into the hands of a doctor named Abhishek Jain, who diagnosed her with something called siliceous horn, a problem that can arise anywhere in the body, which It is curable and treatable by surgery.

Due to the location of the horns on Bai’s body, she cannot be treated in small and district hospitals, so she is waiting for treatment in larger hospitals in the country. In the same way, she is requesting help from the government to be able to pay for the surgery, since she does not have the resources to be able to pay for her treatment.

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