They say that the bodies could reach 100 and, apparently, they are victims of COVID-19 who were unable to cremate or pay for a funeral.

Dozens of bodies were found on the banks of the Ganges River in northern India, as if it were a horror movie.

The pandemic has spread rapidly through the vast rural interior of India, overwhelming local health infrastructures, as well as crematoria and cemeteries.

Ashok Kumar, a local official, said that some 40 bodies were found in the Buxar district, near the border between the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, two of the poorest in India.

“The officials concerned have been ordered to dispose of all the bodies, whether they bury them or incinerate them,” Kumar said.

Some information from local media highlighted that the number of dead bodies could reach one hundred.

Reports citing other officials mention that some were swollen and partially burned and may have been in the river for several days.

Residents of the area indicated that they believed that the corpses would have been thrown into the river given that the crematoria are overflowing or because their relatives could not pay for the wood necessary for the funeral pyres.

“For us this is really shocking,” said local Kameshwar Pandey.

According to official statistics, some 4,000 people are currently dying daily in India from the coronavirus and the total number of deaths is almost 250,000.

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