A parliamentary and financial RN tide. At the end of the second round of the legislative elections, the National Rally became this Sunday, June 19, the second party in number of seats (89), in the National Assembly. In front of La France Insoumise, 72 deputies, and behind Renaissance (Ex-LREM), 172 elected.
Beyond this historic score for the training of Marine Le Pen, which may allow him to claim certain prerogatives in the lower house, it is also the assurance of bringing more money into the coffers of the RN. The legislative elections are decisive for calculating the aid which is allocated to each formation, and the total sum of which has been increased to 66 million euros to be distributed for 2022.

The price of a vote

The first part of this allocation is calculated in particular on the results obtained in the first round of the legislative elections. If a formation has obtained 1% of the votes in at least 50 constituencies in the first round, it can claim funding of 1.64 euros per year per voter.

By collecting, a week ago, 4,248,626 votes, the National Rally can therefore claim nearly 7 million euros per year. Or 35 million euros by 2027.” “We are not going to have to start distributing insane salaries to everyone (…) we will perhaps go from the functioning of a sect to that of an adult party”, welcomed a sailor executive. at the microphone of franceinfo at the end of the first round.

This system will also allow the formation of Eric Zemmour, Reconquête!, to receive nearly 1.5 million euros each year, even though the party has no MPs. The parties of the NUPES will have to share nearly 9.5 million euros each year, against 9.6 million for Together, the alliance around the majority.

The parliamentary endowment

By multiplying by 10 the number of its elected officials at the Palais Bourbon, Marine Le Pen’s party will also multiply its parliamentary endowment. Once elected, a deputy declares his attachment to a party. The latter then receives 37,400 euros per year, per parliamentarian. Via the National Assembly, it is therefore nearly 3.3 million additional euros that will fall into the coffers of the RN each year.

These 10 million euros of annual endowment, from which the second party of the National Assembly will now benefit, are a real boon for training. Throughout the campaign, Marine Le Pen was criticized for the loan of 9 million euros made in 2014 from a Russian bank. During the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron had notably accused his opponent of “depending on Russian power”. “You talk to your banker when you talk to Russia”, had dropped the president. The party now has sufficient financial leeway to repay this loan.

Beyond this heavy debt from all points of view, this budget will also allow the RN to professionalize and institutionalize itself a little more. This budget is also funding to train executives, hire strategists and advisers, but also with all the vigilance that is required. The National Rally was sentenced to fines and certain executives to suspended prison sentences in the case of parliamentary assistants in the European Parliament. Marine Le Pen is still indicted for “embezzlement of public funds” in this case.

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