Iglesias believes that the departure of Juan Carlos I from the country is more morally reprehensible than that of Puigdemont

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12/02/2020 The second vice president and leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, speaks in a plenary session in the Congress of Deputies, in Madrid (Spain), on December 2, 2020. POLITICS Ricardo Rubio – Europa Press

He defends that the prisoners of the ‘procés’ are free and are not disqualified for politics. He was surprised by the rejection of the PSOE to investigate the emeritus


The second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has assured that the departure from the country of the former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont does not have the same moral consideration, who has “screwed up his life” because of political ideas that he does not share, that the case of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, who allegedly has committed alleged illegalities to enrich himself.

He is also in favor of political leaders condemned by the ‘procés’ not only being released but not disqualified, so that they can return to politics and be elected as representatives of the citizenry.

“If he is in Brussels (in reference to Puigdemont) it is not for having stolen money from anyone, for having tried to enrich himself or for having put his hand in anyone’s pocket, but for taking his political ideas to an extreme that, for me, it is wrong and it is not indifferent to the law (…) Life has been screwed up forever by political ideas that I do not share, “Iglesias stressed during an interview on the ‘Salvados’ program of La Sexta, collected by Europa Press .

In fact, Iglesias went on to elaborate that if it is true that Juan Carlos I, allegedly, has “stolen money” or used opaque cards for his benefit, the “moral consideration” is “completely different” from the case of Puigdemont. “I feel it in my soul if this bothers someone,” he added.

However, the second vice president has wanted to make it clear that he neither defends nor justifies the actions of the former president of the Catalan Generalitat and that there are no actions that are not legal, by reiterating that he does not believe that his political action, in reference to the statement of independence of the Parliament of 2017, be “indifferent to the law”.

Asked if Puigdemont can be defined as an ‘exile’, Iglesias has said yes, since his action was motivated by his convictions, despite the fact that he does not want Catalonia to become independent from Spain and thinks that the Government of that time, Although it had an absolute majority, it did not have the legitimacy to decide unilaterally on independence.

“But if I am told that what Puigdemont did is the same morally reprehensible as Juan Carlos I, I do not agree,” emphasized the leader of Podemos.


Regarding the words of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, when he promised to bring the former president of the Generalitat to Spain and if he has had something to do with the change of opinion on pardons, Iglesias has stated that “everything is determined” because of the correlation of forces and that this is a “political lesson” that “everyone should understand.”

In fact, he has opined that this phrase, although it sounds “virile”, is a “bullshit that is said in the campaign” since it is not the president but Justice the authority in charge of demanding the return of Puigdemont.

Asked if the departure of the emeritus king was an imposition of the Executive, Iglesias has answered that if it was so “it was a part of the Government.” “I do not know that there was a decision in that sense,” he added to add that he cannot explain anything about it because he does not know it. In addition, he has reiterated that the departure of Juan Carlos I generated words “higher than others” with Sánchez in this regard.


Regarding the political situation in Catalonia, he has insisted that there is a “political problem” that must be resolved through political means and that the “aggressiveness” of the right turned this issue into a problem.

Regarding whether he is a supporter not only of the pardon for Oriol Junqueras but also that he can also exercise public office, Iglesias has been in favor of it, to recall those responsible for the 1981 coup, such as General Alfonso Armada or the lieutenant colonel of the Civil Guard Antonio Tejero, were pardoned. “If someone tells me that Puigdemont or Junqueras is more dangerous than Armada or Tejero, I don’t agree,” he added.

In line with this matter, Iglesias has affirmed that a government must ensure the interest of the state and, in his opinion, that interest lies in the fact that the ‘procés’ prisoners are not only free “but also representing the citizens who have voted for them. “.


Regarding the PSOE’s rejection of the creation of an investigation commission in Congress on Juan Carlos I, the second vice president has confessed that he “did not conceive” that the PSOE on this occasion “could say no”, as he always put on top of the table the argument that, although this request was legitimate, it was not legally viable based on the opinions of the chamber’s lawyers.

However, once the lawyers in Congress concluded that an investigation from Parliament on the alleged use of black cards by the king emeritus was “perfectly legitimate in legal terms”, only the “political decision” remained.

Therefore, Iglesias “really thought” that this time his government partner would agree to promote said commission as it is a “monarchical” party and, in his opinion, the “first interested” in “being able to clean” the image of the monarchy. However, he has regretted that they finally vetoed this initiative together with PP and Vox.


However, this discrepancy does not generate problems within the governing coalition, since the PSOE is a monarchical party and “it has not deceived them.”

He has also said that the relationship with King Felipe VI is “cordial” and respectful at the institutional level. However, he has reiterated that, according to his political convictions, he wants the republic for Spain. In addition, and despite the fact that this horizon is not immediately looming, he is convinced that for “things to happen” it is necessary to have “a little patients and push them.”

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