Ibai Llanos: “I think I’m going to buy Real Murcia”

Ibai Llanos: “I think I’m going to buy Real Murcia”

After conquering the Internet and being named the best streamer of the year 2020 at the prestigious Esports Awards gala, Ibai Llanos could be launched into the world of football. The streamer has never hidden his passion for soccer nor his madridismo And during the first live show that he performed in the new house where he will set up his own brand, he declared that in the future he would like to buy a humble soccer team, specifically Real Murcia.

“Boys, I think I’m going to buy Real Murcia. The real Murcia, the ‘fake’ no. If you can eh, in the future. You know that those from La Media Inglesa (YouTube channel specialized in English football) also want to buy a team, so if they really are serious, we could buy the Murcia“, explained the Bilbao man, clarifying that it would be a plan for the future,” Let’s see, I’ll tell you the ideas I have in my head, don’t think I’m going to buy it tomorrow and I’m going to say ‘hey, I buy Murcia’, but Yes, I would like it to be a humble team, respect its shield…”.

The official account of Real Murcia He has not been slow to respond to this declaration of intentions of one of the personalities of 2020 and they have answered him with a “Of course! We have always told you that you become a shareholder… so seriously that we have the numbers clear and on time to be able to meet now. Thank you from the heart and respecting the shield, yes, it is clause number one“.

It should be said that Ibai Llanos is not the first celebrity to launch to buy shares of the Murcian team but rather during the campaign HazloTuyo of 2018 in which the club tried to save itself from liquidation through small contributions from its fans, David Broncano, Ignatius Farray and Quequé, humorists of the program of the Ser “Modern life“, were made with a total of 500 shares (183 euros) each. Now Ibai could join them but through a bigger investment.

At the moment the team has picked up the glove thrown by Ibai Llanos and who knows if from now on to the not too distant future the streamer of the year 2020 throws himself into the pool of Spanish football. There is no doubt that it would be a huge popularity boost for the team if it were acquired by such a followed and admired person.

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