Prior to the 2023 CDMX marathon, the adidas Splits will take place. These are races spaced out and on different circuits to train. (Adidas Mexico splits)

Mexico City 2023 Marathon will be next August 27 And to fire up the engines throughout the five months leading up to the big day, the “Adidas Splits 2023” will take place.

These are four races through which it will be possible to travel the streets of Mexico City. They will consist of four circuits of different level and intensity and will cover a total of 67 kilometers.

9K Revolution – May 7.

Started 12K – June 4.

Coyoacan Nurseries 16K – June 25.

Reforma 30K – July 30.

At a press conference held in Mexico City, details of the new racing edition were revealed. Javier Hidalgo, director of INDEPORTE; Javier Carvallo, events director of Grupo Expansión; Andrés Laban, Director of Sports Marketing at adidas, Alejandra Luna, Grouper Marketing at Avène and Diana Rodríguez Pita, Head of Marketing & Communication at Chirey. The so-called splits have as their main objective preparing the running community surpass his personal mark in the next Mexico City Marathon.

“It’s a way of transforming people, society, because doing sport gives us health. The divisions contribute to the great celebration in Mexico City that is the Marathon. In such a way that we are planted as a strategic part for those who want to get closer to running. Visit the city and give a different perspective and help us run”, underlined Javier Hidalgo, owner in INDEPENDENT.

More than 25,000 athletes will once again take to the streets to compete in the four adidas Splits races.  (INDEPORT)
More than 25,000 athletes will once again take to the streets to compete in the four adidas Splits races. (INDEPORT)

Likewise, the director of the agency underlined the importance of t shirts that runners will wear in the race, since those used in recent years were inspired by the mexican textiles who save the deepest roots of the country.

“The evolution of running in Mexico has been amazing and more and more people, including women, men and children, are getting involved in this activity. Running has become a lifestyle it goes beyond racing, it also involves taking care of your diet, being disciplined and having a positive impact on society,” Javier Carvallo, Events Director of Grupo Expansión, told the media.

Registration and race fees

To participate in Splits Registrations are now open on its official website. The entry fees for each race are as follows.

– 610 pesos per person

– 67 km pass. This modality includes all 4 racesand the price is one thousand 990 pesos.

On this occasion, deliveries of runners’ kits will be made to the Perisur shopping center, which includes a backpack, an adidas jersey, the runner’s number with a chip to put on your jersey, the participant’s collector’s medal and various products courtesy of the 14 sponsors for this sporting event.

“The brand’s vision is to change the world through sport and transform lives, and precisely with the race strategy, the splits come to support the brand and strengthen the entire process of preparing the runner, fulfilling the objective to bring racing to all communities in the best possible way,” shared Pablo Cavallaro.

The 2023 Mexico City Marathon will take place on August 27.
The 2023 Mexico City Marathon will take place on August 27.

Registrations and registration locations for the Mexico City Marathon 2023

Since November 10, the call for applications has been open to the general public. registration to participate in the CDMX Marathon 2023 and the closing of registrations it will be wednesday August 23 on the activated website; or Saturday, August 26 at 4 p.m. at Expo Marathon; or earlier if places are sold out.

The cost for national athletes was 650 pesos until December 31, 2022; y 700 pesos from January 1, 2023. For the foreign athletes It is $100.

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