Image of the times when hooded men and public forces clashed in the Bajo Cauca. Private video/file capture

Despite curfew This Government of Antioquia decreed in 12 municipalities for the miners’ strikeon the night of March 10, clashes between hooded and the public force in the urban area of Tarazá and in the municipality of Jardín de Tamana, in Cáceres.

A source consulted by the magazine Week reported to the outlet that apparently hooded people – not yet identified – attempted to set on fire wing Police station of the municipality of Jardín de Tamaná, in Cáceres.

The fact, according to the source of the Bogota publication, triggered a series of clashes between the hooded men and members of the Mobile Riot Squad (Esmad), who tried to contain the acts of vandalism. Apparently the unidentified people threw rocks and blunt objects at the uniformed men.

Clashes between hooded men and public forces in the municipality of Jardín Tamaná, in Cáceres. Excerpt from social networks

Although the authorities have not yet spoken on the matter, according to information obtained by Weekin the middle of these clashes a person was reportedly injured with a firearm.

In the neighboring town of Tarazameanwhile, have been reported bursts of gunfire and clashes between civilians with the Police and the National Army, who were trying to contain the situation, this is how he learned snail radio.

According to information from the same media, the situation was the same in Caucasian where a group of youths and Esmad members clashed, for which the uniformed officers found it necessary to deploy the tanks to disperse the population.

Hooded men and public forces clashed in Tarazá. Excerpt from social network

Apparently, the delicate situation that occurred in Bajo Cauca, Antioquia, on the night of Friday March 10, could be a reprisals to the national government’s order to clear blocked roads following the miners’ strike in the region, according to reports from snail radio.

Remember that the situation occurred during the curfew announced in the afternoon of this Friday, March 10 by the Governor of Antioquia, Aníbal GaviriaIn 12 municipalities of the department, in order to guarantee the public order and coordinate the action of the police in the context of the miners’ strike.

According to the decree, the measure prohibited the movement of residents of six municipalities in Bajo Cauca, five in the northeast and one in the north of Antioquia, between the 6:00 p.m. on Friday March 10 and 6:00 a.m. on Saturday March 11.

The specific areas in which the curfew was in effect were:

– Lower Cauca: Caucasus, Cáceres, Nechí, Tarazá, El Bagre and Zaragoza.

– Northeast : Yaií, Vegachí, Remedios, Segovia and Yolombó.

– North : Valdivia.

Aerial image of Bajo Cauca, Antioquia.  Twitter @anibalgaviria
Aerial image of Bajo Cauca, Antioquia. Twitter @anibalgaviria

According to the document, the only people exempted from the measure were health sector personnel and residents who work in basic public service companies.

“The activities of the armed forces, national police and state security agencies, as well as the military and defense industry; in addition to officials from the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the Judiciary, the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Ombudsman, the Municipal Ombudsman, the National Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, the Institute National Penitentiary and Penitentiary and the National Disaster Risk Management System,” the document reads.

Faced with the clashes that took place between hooded men and members of the police force on the night of Friday March 10, Governor Aníbal Gaviria rejected the facts through his social networks and called for an end to the violence within the framework of mining strike. .

“Stop the violent strike now! Total rejection of de facto actions and alteration of public order in the Bajo Cauca during the night and early morning. We insist on finding peaceful solutions to the social drama generated by illegal mining. We want a Bajo Cauca in peace!was the message shared by the regional president of Antioquia through his Twitter account.

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