Attorney Chow Hang-tung, one of the organizers in Hong Kong from a banned vigil to commemorate the Tiananmen events, was released on bail on Saturday.

The 37-year-old activist is vice president of the Hong Kong Alliance, which is in charge of organizing this candlelight commemoration in Victoria Park, in the center of Hong Kong Island, and which this year was banned for the second time in a row.

Chow, one of the few leaders of the pro-democracy movement who had not been jailed or in exile, was arrested early Friday morning in front of her office.

“I deny all allegations,” Chow testified in front of a Hong Kong police station, after being released after posting bail of HK $ 10,000 ($ 1,300) and being required to report to the police on July 5.

The lawyer denounced an abuse of power by the police and criticized an “unjust preventive arrest with the obvious aim of preventing me from being physically present in Victoria Park and frightening other people so that they did not do so either.”

“Lighting a candle is not a crime,” Chow had stated on Facebook on May 29, assuring that he would light one in public on June 4 to remember the Tiananmen victims.

According to her, the police used this message as evidence, as well as other articles and interviews with the press.

The police on Friday banned access to Victoria Park where every year, for more than three decades, a vigil has been held in memory of the bloody intervention of the Chinese army on June 4, 1989 against the social and student movement in Beijing.

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