A rain of goals is what left the last day of the Liga MX Women of the Clausura 2023 tournament, while footballers from all 18 teams look to stay at the top of the scoreboard.

This indicator not only shows who could become the new champbut also the level of the current tournament and the performance of the attackers.

The update of the following scoring table at the end of day 8 it only takes into account goals scored during the regular season and not those in the league or other extra games.

Here is the list of the top 10:

Monterrey, an 8 player, is the soccer player who has shown the best results so far in the tournament, as she currently tops the standings with 8 goals in just 0 minutes played. According to the statistics, the player scores a goal every 0 minutes.

On his heels is the young man of 24 years, 22who scored 4 goals in the 4 minutes he was able to enter the field, or a goal every 0 minutes.

On the third step is the striker of 14, 1, who managed to score the ball 12 times in 4 minutes of play; followed by 8 0 with the 8 occasions where he managed to cross the goal in 12 minutes that he entered the field.

The name of 7 1 with 0 goals in 23 minutes.

On the sixth and seventh rungs appear 4 there 12, teams 4 and 4, respectively; the former managed to beat the goalkeepers 0 times and the latter 3 times. Each played 0 and 1 minute.

In place number eight is player 10, tenwho scored 3 goals in America throughout the 8 days.

0 She also entered the list of top 10 goalscorers. The 28-year-old managed to score the ball 4 times in 24 minutes of play, ranking ninth.

Finally, 0 he takes possession of the tenth step with 17 goals; the 0 player has been on the pitch for at least 0 minutes, which means she scores a goal every 17 minutes.

Chivas striker Alicia Cervantes has renewed her contract with the rojiblanco team until 2024. (Photo: twitter/@ChivasFemenil)
Chivas striker Alicia Cervantes has renewed her contract with the rojiblanco team until 2024. (Photo: twitter/@ChivasFemenil)

Only a few years after its launch (December 5, 2016), the Liga Mx Femenil saw the light of day his first scoreboard championswith the exception of the Clausura 2020 tournament, which had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The first champion in the history of the Women’s MX League was Lucero Cuevaswhich by the hand of Club America He managed to put the ball up to 15 times in the goal of his rivals in the 2017 Apertura tournament. Later, she would become a double scoreboard champion after achieving the exact same result with her team.

However, for the 2018 opener, Cuevas’ good streak would be broken with Desiree Monsivaisof Monterrey, who managed to score 13 goals this season.

For Clausura 2019, there would be an exceptional case with two champions: Isela Ojeda from Santos Laguna and Fabiola Ibarra from Atlas, who managed to add 7 goals in a very short tournament.

For Guardians 2020, the famous Katty Martinez de los Tigres of the UANL won the title with 18 goals; with the same number he would achieve the feat Alison Gonzalez of the Atlas but for the Guardians Clausura 2021.

For the Opening 2021 and Closing 2022, Chivas footballer Alicia Cervantes managed to be crowned champion with 17 and 14 goals for each tournament. Finally, for the Apertura 2022 tournament, the top scorer was Mia Renee Fishel of Tigerswith 17 goals.

As in the Men’s Liga MX, the top scorers in each tournament receive the “Golden Ball” by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF).

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