In the image, Shakira and Bizarrap in the show Jimmy Fallon

Shakira and Bizarrap they again marked the history of the world of music. This time they wowed the audience with their first live performance of the ‘Musical sessions #53’ in the “The Show Tonight” of the famous American presenter, jimmy fallon. The reaction in the networks was not long in coming, and Internet users described the appearance as “historic”.

The star guests of episode 101 of the show’s tenth season Jimmy Fallon were nothing more and nothing less than the Barranquillera and the Argentinian, after the furor their collaboration caused and which is already adding up after 410 million views on YouTube.

Before the long-awaited concert, the Argentinian singer and producer took a few minutes to chat with Fallon. The comedian also took the opportunity to congratulate them on the success of their song which, in his own words, is “a global monster”.

“You and Biza broke four world records, and you Shakira went on to win another 10 Guinness World Records. I’m not kidding, watch this.”said the American presenter, visibly delighted with the success of Shakira and Bizarrap.

After a few minutes of the interview, in which the Barranquillera and the Argentine told how they ended up collaborating. Composing the theme music and what the hit song meant to Shakira, the singer and producer took the stage of the “The Show Tonight” to win over his followers.

They performed their new world hit “BZRP Music Session #53”

With a wolf howl and the “for guys like you” playing in the background, Shakira opened her presentation. The audience did not wait and amid the shouting, applause and singing of the song, they showed their great support for the artist and their obvious fascination with the song.

“At the beginning @shakira leaves something explicit: THE WOLF IS BACK! The energy of the audience reaches an incredible level and the presentation is a real JOYA #shakira #Auuuuuuu @bizarrap @jimmyfallon”wrote one of the Internet users who, like many others, showed that, although he was not watching the presentation of the Barranquillera and the Argentine live, they were following minute by minute the transmission of the performance both expected.


From the presentation, which continued with an express emotion on the part of the public and a fluidity “hip movement” of the Colombian, users also highlighted the changing room of the singer and the obvious fluidity and collaboration that she and Bizarrap have.

“SHAKIRA’s performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show is magnificent. The first time he sings the song live with Bizarrap, with EL VESTUARIO, the dance in diva way and a clear message: She in the midst of her audience, who love and support her #Shakira”pointed out a user.

Another Twitter user added: ” Step by step Jimmy Fallon’s workshop collapses with what clearly, #Shakira and #Bizarrap achieved tonight. Wow”.


But the reactions to the presentation of the Argentinian and the Colombian did not only come from the fans of the two different media such as The country from Spain, rated the performance as “The game the most spectacular of Shakira on television in the United States and with her children in front of her ».


Shakira’s performance and Bizarrap ended with the two singing on stage to then give way to the “hip movement” of the Barranquillera. Amid applause and screams from the audience, the singer and producer closed the presentation by melting into a heartfelt embrace. The gesture did not go unnoticed by Internet users.

“The hug between Shakira and Bizarrap knowing that they made history. The the chemistry they had. Represent Latin America »pointed out a user.

Then, the image of the moment:

Hug between Shakira and Bizarrap.  Excerpt from Twitter
Hug between Shakira and Bizarrap. Excerpt from Twitter

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