Here’s How Black Widows Attack In Palermo Hollywood: They Seduced A Young Man In A Nightclub, Drugged Him And Robbed Him

Here’s How Black Widows Attack In Palermo Hollywood: They Seduced A Young Man In A Nightclub, Drugged Him And Robbed Him

This is how Black Widows attack in Palermo Hollywood

For reasons of confidentiality of the identity of the victim we will call it pablo. Last Friday night, pablo went out to dance At around 5:29 a.m. he returned home to the Buenos Aires neighborhood Palermo. I was not alone. they accompanied him two girls he had met in a bowling alley and whom he invited to his apartment. What promised to be a different night really was: the two women were black widows that they drugged him flew and they escaped.

It all happened in a building located at the crossroads of Guatemala and Carranza, in the area known as Palermo Hollywood. Entrusted by relatives GlobeLiveMediaWhat I didn’t know pablomuch less his two companions that morning, was it one of the neighbors had set up a security camera in the hall because the consortium did not pay attention to claims for rare situations. It was the key.

In the footage from the security cameras that the neighbor of pablo His entry was taped with the two suspects at 5:29 a.m. on Saturday. At 8:10 a.m. the same day, they are both seen leaving the building with the key to the front door of the property, loaded with various packages: a shopping bag, a backpack and a handbag. One of them he had changed his clothes and the other sees himself heart shaped tattoo on one of his shoulder blades.

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“He was knocked out for several hours and when he woke up he found that everything had been taken from him“, they explained to this media close to the victim.

Police sources consulted by GlobeLiveMedia indicated that no complaint had been lodged – until Monday – in this regard at the 14B police station, competent in this area, although it drew the attention of the investigators who had arrested a man at the same address a few hours earlier. reseller and buyer.

It all happened at 12:30 p.m. on the same Saturday as pablo was attacked by both black widows. A call to 911 reports the presence of five men with a suspicious attitude in the same block of Guatemala and Carranza, even in the same address which is reserved to protect the victim.

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The two suspects of drugging and robbing a Palermo Hollywood neighbor
The two suspects of drugging and robbing a Palermo Hollywood neighbor

When city police personnel arrived at the address provided by the complaining neighbor, they found two suspects. “They were nervous and could not justify their presence in the place“, described the sources of the case.

For this reason, in the presence of witnesses, they checked them and found: split marijuana, packages with cocainea white substance – which is suspected – could be Cracka precision scale, cutting substances (“Clone, Bicarbonate and Dorixina”, they detailed), ecstasy, a .22 caliber Bersa pistolthree cell phones, 62,979 pesos, a knife and a notebook with sales notes.

In view of this, it was arranged the arrest of the two suspects, both adults, who according to sources turned out to be the dealer and its buyer. Therefore, a case was filed for violation of Law 23,737 and possession of a civilian firearm.

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