Javier Ferrer – Alleged financial adviser who sells courses on social media

The controversial financial adviser, Javier Ferrierwhose posts have gone viral in recent days due to their controversial motivational phrases, have decided to delete all of their posts on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

The self-proclaimed financial adviser offered real estate classes and promised to teach his followers how to get rich without having to work 9am-5pm; Yet he disappeared from the face of the internet after his posts sparked outrage among social media users.

“Hello normally” It was the scornful reception with which Ferrer began his videos, only to share his supposed life lessons that he says led him to get rich. The truth is that after leaving outlandish recommendations such as not working conventional jobs, notoriety worked against him. His brief influencer stardom faded when he began receiving critical comments that even linked him to scams and ‘Ponzi’ schemes, as was the case with the inmate’s ‘Generation Zoe’ . Leonardo DeVinci.

Here are Javier Ferrer’s 10 most unusual recommendations:

1. “If you are going to work, you are going to get a salary, you have to go generate, do business; We no longer talk about ‘I’m going to look for a job’. No. “I’m going to look for a company.” Change, change that word.”

2. “Hi. How are you normally? la espuma con forma de su cara-, do you see it? And then, take me, that’s how it happens here (shows chest), here (shows head) and here (shows belly)”.

3. “Go to the mirror, look at yourself, look Well, be clean when you go to work on Monday, that they realize that you have arrivedthat they realize the difference, that they realize that you are changing”.

Javier Ferrer – Alleged financial adviser who sells courses on social media

4. “Listen, the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee: the entrepreneur is the person who has the ability to turn a vision into reality. He is the one who has the ability to turn his dreams into tangible facts, without changes there are no results. A vision without execution is a hallucination. Dale, hot”.

5. “I don’t believe anything, that nothing will change you, two more years, president, the president will change, what will change you? Nothing. You know that? Because you don’t take care of yourself.”

6. “In this zoom, the important thing for you to earn dollars- he said in one of his videos where he was promoting his content-, don’t go to work anymore, and that’s what you have to be careful. Don’t let anyone distract you: no football, no novels, no TV, no distractions”.

Javier Ferrer – Alleged financial adviser who sells courses on social media

7. “When you already have a lot, it takes you from behind, you don’t want to know anything anymore, you play simple, austere, but you have arrived. You, not yet.”

8. I know that you question me because I tell you ‘normal’ or I tell you things you like or dislike, but while you get up in the morning and go to work 9 o’clock, the dollar is $360, $370, $380. So with this effort you made, you killed your time, your creativity, they locked you in a dungeon. Tomorrow, what you worked for today is worth nothing”.

9. “Start looking around, look for opportunities, look for new things, start moving differently, start doing something for yourself, don’t expect anything from anyone, nothing is going to change, nothing’s gonna change you, change you”.

ten. “Be free, have free thought, seek nothing from anyone. There’s nothing on the other side but screaming, the emotions of the moment and situations where you are not involved in anything. You know that? Your life is you and it depends on what you are going to do”.

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