The heat wave of unprecedented precocity which has been hitting southern Europe for several days should further amplify throughout France on Saturday afternoon, and even reach absolute records, while in Spain firefighters are trying to control a giant fire. Almost all of French territory should be affected on Saturday June 18, and 11 departments, located mainly along the Atlantic coast and in the South-West, are kept on red alert, with temperatures which could locally reach 42 ° C, according to Météo-France.

The heat is expected to increase further on Saturday afternoon “from the west of the Pyrenees towards the north-east of the country”, according to Météo-France which specifies that “it will generally be between 38 and 41 ° C in the South -West, the Center and the Paris region”. “Spikes close to 42°C are even possible locally in the south of the Aquitaine region (South-West). Absolute temperature records could then be broken, ”warned Météo-France in its latest bulletin on Saturday.

The multiplication of heat waves in Europe is a direct consequence of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions increase the strength, duration and rate of repetition of heat waves, scientists say. Many festive, sporting and cultural events have also been canceled.

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