London’s Heathrow airport must reduce the rate it charges airlines so that the surcharge goes from the current 30.19 pounds (35.02 euros) to 26.31 pounds (30, 51 euros) in 2026, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the aviation regulator, reported on Tuesday in a statement.

The CAA requested this decrease due to the increase in the demand for flights, once the strong restrictions that had been imposed to control the covid-19 pandemic were lifted.

These surcharges are paid by airlines for using the airport, but are typically passed on to passengers in airfares.

CAA Director Richard Moriarty said the Heathrow charges announcement was the “right thing to do” for consumers, adding that the decision was made after listening “very carefully to both Heathrow airport and airlines that have different points of view.

“Our independent and unbiased analysis balances affordable surcharges for consumers, while allowing Heathrow to make the necessary investment for the future,” he added.

Following the announcement, Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “As the industry rebuilds, our focus is to work with airlines and their ground handlers to provide passengers with a reliable and safe journey. constant through Heathrow”.

However, Holland-Kaye noted that the CAA continues to “underestimate what it takes to provide good passenger service, both in investment and operating costs required and in the incentive needed for private investors to finance it.”

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