I was working as a product manager for a UK tech company (TikTok @brokeasshorsegirl)

Some companies have strict rules with employees and one mistake can cause them to lose their job. This is what happened to a young American who, following a distraction on the networks, which lasted 20 seconds according to her, was fired from your job.

Michelle He is 24 years old and comes from California, United States. I worked as a product manager for a technology company of United Kingdom but he made a mistake that his former bosses considered inexcusable. The woman shared on her TikTok account @brokeasshorsegirl, what she experienced in 2022, which caused so much outrage among the leaders of her company.

On August 1, at 4:30 a.m., Michelle was in a virtual business meeting with her colleagues from the other country when she got up to make herself a coffee. Probably because of the hour’s sleepiness, the wife forgot to put the cup under the coffee pot, and the coffee spilled all over the kitchen. Far from being upset, he took the situation with humor and decided to record the moment to share with his followers.

“I quickly filmed the coffee spilling everywhere, turned my face to the camera and shouted ‘damn’. I stopped filming and uploaded it to social media” , did he declare. However, he didn’t realize that while she naively showed the cafe footage, the meeting continued and the audio appeared on the video.

“I didn’t use my big brain to think about the fact that through the sound of the video you can hear my product manager talking…Because I was in one during my weekly team meeting” , he explained to Initiated.

The young woman pointed out that it was a moment of the meeting that she did not need to participate in, so she took this time to edit the video which would be fatal to her career with the company.

The young woman did not realize that “confidential information” was leaking into her recording

“My co-workers had a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with me. So I went and recorded the 20 second clip and shared it. When I uploaded the video, I didn’t realize that in the background we heard the work meeting. And I didn’t think about it until the next day,” he said.

The next day he received a call from Human ressources to tell him that someone at the company had seen his video. “They told me, ‘Hey, someone sent us this clip and we’re going to kick you out of the company immediately for “gross negligence”“, said.

“I was fired from my remote IT job, with a six-figure annual salary, because I posted a TikTok clip on the internet,” the young woman wrote on her account. Since the young woman immediately deleted the discord video from her account, she then uploaded another explaining what happened in which she looks calm despite what happened.

The company explained to him that it was considered serious misconduct to record his colleagues for a personal video during working hours, in addition to having published a “confidential” conversation without consent and to have “broken the trust” that the company had placed in her. . Reasons enough for you to leave your job immediately.

“My colleagues weren’t talking (in the meeting) about anything super confidential. Honestly, you can barely hear them in the background, but unfortunately they saw that as a valid reason to fire me and fired me. I have no choice but to accept it, I screwed up. It was an oversight, I accept it one hundred percent. They fired me, I can’t do anything”, defended Michelle after her irresponsible act.

The young he quickly deleted the video from his account. “I cried for about five minutes I think. Anyway, I was very surprised that something so small caused them to fire someone who had just received a raise a few weeks ago,” said he concluded.

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