Sports Writing, Feb. 22 The Chilean team was ruled out of the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand after losing to surprising Haiti 2-1 on Wednesday in a match played at North Harbor Stadium in Auckland.

Goals from Melchie Dumonay (m.46+ and 98) frustrated La Roja, who never gave up and even closed the gap later with a goal from María José Rojas (m.101).

Chile, which performed so well at the last World Cup in France 2019, will not be able to repeat its participation. The team led by goalkeeper Christiane Endler and directed by José Letelier did not find the way to victory.

Although he appeared to be in control, he lacked depth against an orderly opponent who scored at key moments, and who even picked up a penalty in which Endler once again showed he was one of the best goalkeepers in the world by stopping Nerilia Mondesir’s strike. shot.

The attempts of the Chilean players were disorderly and their goal came too late, without the possibility of preventing Haiti from making history and qualifying for the first time for a World Cup final, in which they are drawn draw in Group D with England. Denmark. ECE


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