Teenager confessed to being the cause of nine fires in Greece because he liked

Teenager confessed to being the cause of nine fires in Greece because he liked “to contemplate the flames and smoke”

A 14-year-old teenager confessed to having intentionally started several fires in Greece since the beginning of August because he liked to “look at the flames and smoke”.

According to La Vanguardia, after being arrested in the central region of the Hellenic country, the minor admitted to light up to nine forest fires in Theologos, in the province of Fithiotida.

After registering up to 13 fires in said Greek province, the teenager was arrested on August 18 as the main suspect. His arrest came after the local fire brigade discovered his image on video.

After admitting that he set 9 fires, the boy explained that he set them off with a lighter and that he used his bicycle to move from one point to another, according to local press in Lamia, the provincial capital. The police also arrested his parents for “child neglect”.

According to the local press, the minor would suffer from mental problems and must testify before the prosecutor in the next few days. However, the family assures that the defendant confessed to the crime due to his “Psychological instability”.

Since the beginning of August, Greece has suffered an unprecedented series of fires, which have damaged some 100,000 hectares of forest and crops, hundreds of homes, leaving two dead.

Melissa Galbraith
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