The Russian energy company had suspended the shipment of gas last Saturday as a result of the Austrian operator’s refusal to comply with the requirements of the contract it signed with Gazprom Export.

The Russian energy company Gazprom announced this Wednesday that it will resume the supply of gas to Italy through Austria, after the suspension of the shipment last Saturday due to the refusal of the Austrian operator to comply with the requirements of the contract it signed with Gazprom. Export.

As reported by the energy giant, together with Italian buyers, a solution was found to the regulatory changes that came into force in Austria at the end of September.

Also, the Austrian operator announced its readiness to confirm Gazprom Export’s transportation nominations, which will allow the resumption of Russian gas supply through the territory of Austria.

The resumption of supplies of Russian gas was confirmed by the Italian energy company Eni.

Italy receives Russian natural gas through a transit line that crosses the territories of Ukraine, and then passes through Hungary and Austria. Other European countries that receive Russian gas through Ukraine are Slovakia, Moldova, Romania and the Czech Republic.

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